Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Does Not Just Happen.

If you are a stay at home mom, like myself, you have undoubtedly been asked this question, by either your husband, or one of your single girlfriends, or really anyone who does not have kids.
"So, like what do you do all day?"
Am I right? In a non-mom world. SO much can be accomplished in a days time. But when you are a mother especially of toddlers, (I have two, one 3.5 and one 1.5) I find myself trying to remember what all I accomplished while my husband is at work.
Mostly I say, we read, we played, we ate, we ran errands blah blah.
But, I cannot forget possibly the most time consuming of my jobs, 
REPAIRING THE DAMAGE from a day at home with my kids.
My husband told me when we had our first child, that one way I show him I love him (you know that love language stuff) is by having the house clean when he gets home from work.
So, I do it, everyday at 2 pm when my kids go down for a nap, I turn the house back to what it looked like before they woke up in the morning.
Here are some examples
(these are pics form today, a TYPICAL day, nothing more than the USUAL mess)



And so on and so on.....

I have often thought one day, I would just not do any of the cleaning, laundry, bed making etc... so Eric could see what the house would be like if I just simply did nothing for a day. But, I dont think that would make anyone happy. 
So basically, to my friends with no kids or to my brother that thinks I just chill in my PJ's all day watching Disney movies.
I will sum up my days for you

I make this....

Look like this.....

Even though I have these (working against me)

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