Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two weeks into 2014

The wonderful Lucy, aka Elsa, at the Midway, Utah Ice Castles

Well I had a new year's resolution to try and post a weekly family blog and  am very close to 3 weeks behind.  Time is flying by and there is a ton going on.  Ill do my best to summarize the Kandell's happenings from the past couple of weeks.
Does it get any cuter or chubbier than this?
Love my Ady bug
Skiing with the speedster Max is always fun

The weekends have pretty much consisted of non stop skiing up at Sundance. Even little Lucy has gotten in on the action.  It's so much fun to ski with the kids.  They just love it.  Max is a speed freak and just wants to dive bomb the hills as fast as he can.  Adyson takes her time and does her turns and is cautious.  This past weekend we even got Hailey up on the mountain and she had not been skiing in 15 yrs.  it really is great to be out in the mountains as a family laughing, skiing, eating and whatever else.  We are certainly looking forward to the rest if the winter season.

In addition to skiing we have, well I have at least.  Really enjoyed our church starting at 9 am again.  It just seems like the days allow for more family time, get togethers and sheer relaxing.  

The kids, Ady and Max have started robotics class once a week after school and seem to really like that too.  Ady is in the heart of dance performance time so she is keeping way busy with that.

As you may have seen in the top picture, we spent one evening up in Midway at the Ice Caves and this was so cool.   The Midway Ice Caves are particularly awesome this year due to the hit Disney Movie, Frozen.  They have all these kids believing that Elsa made the ice castles.
Date night at the ice castles/caves in Miday, Utah

They look pretty cool with the lights behind them
Looking up into the ceiling

Well I sure hope to be able to post more of this stuff soon.  Life is great right now!