Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mexico Trip, March 2005

We Just got back from MEXICO! Make sure you check it out in our gallery whenever you would like. Almost everyone we talked to lately, has told us to try and take one more RELAXING and exotic vacation before our first baby is born so we gladly took them up on it and planned a trip to MEXICO! Hailey pretty much planned the trip and got me committed to going and we decided to go to the Riviera Maya, which is about 1.5 hrs south of cancun. We stayed at two different resorts. They were all-inclusive resorts by PALACE RESORTS. The firt half of our week trip we stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace. This was an all adults resort that had 6 different restraunts, a HUGE HUGE Spa, many pools, a beach front lagoon and lots of cool activities. Hailey and I mostly enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and SPA treatments we got here. In our pictures you can see one of the little bungalows on the ocean that we got a half hour couples massage in! The food was absolutely wonderful. We had our choice of T-bones, filets, sushi, salads, tropical fruits and I could go on and on. I think i might be bigger than Hailey now from all the food I ate. probably the best part was that we got a FREE UPGRADE to the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. The suite was all the way on the beach front and was probably a good 800 to 1000 square feet. It was Awesome! I am trying to learn how to upload videos to this site so when I do you can get a private tour of our suite! Check back soon.

Our second part of the trip was at the XPU-HA palace. This was an awesome family type resort that we would love to go to sometime in the future with any of you family. The kids would love this place. Heck, we loved it! There were all sorts of exotic animals and fish with tons of jungly type atmosphere. We stayed in little bungalows right on the side of a freshwater river that ran the length of the resort. It really was like living in the jungle. This resort also had tons of beach front and pools etc. Well we absolutely loved the trip and hope you enjoy the pictures.