Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grandma Kandell and Lovells Visit

The week of May 2- 10, 2006 Adyson’s Grandma Sue Kandell came to visit all the way from Ohio and had a blast with all of us. Even Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve and Ady’s cousin Easton Lovell were in town to join in the fun. It was great to watch Adyson and Easton learn to play together. The first of the week it seemed every time Ady had something whether it was a toy, food or just junk, then Easton would come over and take it from her and her face turned a bright red and she started screaming! Well after the week progressed they were best friends and Ady was chasing Easton all around the house and couldn’t get enough of him.

Hailey and I were supposed to have been in New York this weekend to celebrate Hailey’s birthday, but there were mechanical issues with the plane and the short story is that we did not go to New York. We did take advantage of Grandma Kandell and Lisa being in town so Hailey and I spent the weekend at the Stein Lodge in Park City. It was awesome. We got to sleep in, get room service and just relax! As parents this relaxation is something that is priceless. We went to an amazing restaraunt for Hailey’s birthday called Chimayo and loved it. Eventhough our weekend in Park City was not as quite as fun as New York would have been, we sure had a good time.

We are looking forward to Adyson’s 1 yr birthday party in July. Both Grandma and Grandpa Kandell will be in town and the Lovells are coming too. Of course the Smoot Grandparents will be at the big party too! We are going to be celebrating her birthday on july 1 eventhough her actual birthday in July 7. Ady is so close to walking that we can’t believe it. Oh that reminds me, she really started to get some good practice with a box that Aunt Lisa put taped together for her. It is a great tool and she just stands behind it and pushes it across the carpet. Ady took her first step by herself on the May 18th, 2006. Well before long we will be writing all about the fun time at her birthday.