Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Festivities

We have sure been loving all the fun Halloween stuff Utah county has for kids! Last Saturday Eric took Ady to Hee Haw's in Pleasant Grove with her cousin Easton and Aunt Lisa, they had fun seeing the animals, riding on the train and eating carnival food. Then today we returned to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. With all Ady's best friends, Gavin Miner, Sammy Hardy and Easton Lovell (yep, all boys) they had a lot of fun together, going on the slides, jumping on the big bubble, going on the cow-train ride, eating popcorn and just running around. And I had fun hanging out with their moms, Camille Miner, Haley Hardy and Lisa Lovell. It's nice to have some adult interaction during the days sometimes. And of course the babies, Max, Zach (Lovell) and Hailey (Miner) rode around on their strollers. We are so sad that all these fun Fall/ Halloween festivities are going to be gone after tomorrow. Hopefully we got our fill until next year.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday Night Hallween Party at the Bell's

Friday Night we had a great time at the Scott and Chelsey Bell's Halloween Party. Every year my (Hailey's) High School friends have a Halloween Party and get all dressed up and get our kids all dressed up and it's always fun! The kids were the cutest part as you can see! Oh and in case you can't tell who we are Eric is the Chestshire Cat, I am the Mad Hatter, Ady is Alice, and Max is The white rabbit, we re the whole Gang from Alice in Wonderland. It was fun to see everyone and Thanks Scott and Chelsey for throwing it! We missed Katie and Lindsey though!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ady's Best friend....Daddy

On our drive up to my mom's house today Ady and I were talking about how much we love baby Max and how cute we think he is. Mostly I was talking and Ady was agreeing. She was being a very nice sister so I said "Ady, I love you so much!" and she smiled and said "I love you so much too" (which is usually want she says, but I love it every time she does) and I said "Are we best friends?" and she looks at me with a half smile and say "no mommy" so i asked who her best friend was and she of course said "um...my daddy". It was too sweet. And I guess I dont mind coming in 2nd place, Eric really is more fun. But, what is it with little girls and their Daddies?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Max is finally sitting up!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Busy Saturday

Ok Our Saturday this past weekend was not exactly relaxing but we did a lot of fun stuff. First when we woke up Saturday morning we went over to Magleby's Fresh for the Elders Quorum Social breakfast. Eric, being the Elders Quorum president had planned a big all you can eat French Toast and Pancake Breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot. Then I had to leave a little early for a shower me and my mom were throwing for my cousin Kevin Burns fiance Lauren Irvin, now you may recognize the name because Lauren works for Eric and is our babysitter. She is great and our kids love her.
Then I had to leave the shower early so we could all head up to South Jordan for our friends Matt and Edy's wedding. They got married in their backyard of their new house they just remodeled. the weather was horrible but they planned ahead and had a big white tent with heaters and everything. It was so nice and we are so happy for them.
now that I have typed it all up it dosen't really seem as busy as it felt on Saturday but it was a good day. The pics in this post are from the wedding. I will post the pics from the shower below....

Lauren's Shower at Rivertside Country Club

and yes, i did take pics of the favors, placecards and flowers, they are a part of the shower too.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cornbelly's Friday Night

So for our big Friday night outing, Eric and I took Max and Ady to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. Aunt Lisa and cousin Easton met us there and it was a lot of fun for Ady and Easton to get to play together. They went on the big slides, and rode in the cow-train, got lost in the corn maze and ate some popcorn. It was a good time and a fun Halloween outing. We really wanted Ady to pick out a pumpkin while we were there but it was so dark by the time we headed to the pumpkin patch that we couldn't see much. So this week we may try and go to another pumpkin patch earlier in the day so Ady can pick out her very first pumpkin. (at least that she is aware of) We are getting really excited for Halloween and all the fun parties coming up! Ady cannot wait to dress up!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bachelorette Dinner

(left to right) Me, Danielle White and Edy Perschon soon to be Atkinson

So Wednesday night Eric had the kids and I went to a Bridal shower/Bachelorette Dinner for Miss Edith Perschon. Edy and our friend Matt having been dating longer than Eric and I have and they are finally tying the knot this Saturday and we are so happy for them. We were actually on the trip with them last August when they got engaged, we were all flying out to San Francisco for the weekend and Matt went up to the front of the plane and the flight attendant let him propose over the loudspeaker. We are way excited for them. Good Luck on Saturday we can't wait!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is my wife Superwoman or what???

Man i gotta just jump on here today and give props to Hailey. I mean she updates this blog just about every day, she is great with our kids, she is HOT and most importantly lately, I AM GETTING A HOME COOKED MEAL DAILY when I get home from work. Tonight it was an Indian themed chicken dish with garbanzos, tomatoes, lemon and cuscous.

I just wanted to say how great my entire family is and how much I love them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adyson's Date Night

On Saturday this past weekend, Eric and I were gone from 8:30 in the morning (before our kids got up) to 1 pm, to go look at houses. We left the kids with Lauren, our babysitter. Then when we got home at 1, it was time for them to go down for their afternoon naps. And Eric and I had actually planned for a couple of weeks to go on a date that night and had my cousin coming over to babysit. But we felt bad about that since we hadn't played with the kids all day. So we took Ady out on our date night with us and my cousin Aimee and her husband Porter took care of Max and put him to bed. We took Ady out to dinner at Mikado up by Cottonwood Canyon. it's one of our favorite Utah sushi restaurants, we sat at the sushi bar and Adyson ate sushi with us, she even insisted on trying some of Eric's toro (which is a piece of raw fatty tuna, the best you can get, layed over rice). She didnt even spit it out, I think she liked it. She ate some of all of our rolls and of course ate most of the ginger and dipped her chopsticks in soy sauce then sucked on them. She is so awesome, I think people thought it was a little weird to see a 2 year old sitting up to the sushi bar but no one seemed to mind since she was perfectly well behaved. Then we drove down to American Fork and went to Applebee's to get dessert. We had a ton of fun bringing Adyson on our date night with us and think we will do it more often.

Max playing with Daddy

From the day he came home from the hospital, Max has been a total Mama's boy. He likes to be held by me, have me talk to him, and most of all have his little hand wrapped up in my hair. This weekend however max is starting to realize how fun Daddy is. Max was smiling and staring at Eric all weekend, as if to say "ok I am old enough now start throwing me around" and Eric did.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Play Date with cousin Easton

This morning we drove up to Sandy for Ady to play with her best friend in the whole world, her cousin Easton Lovell. It's funny Easton moved here from California back in January of this year, and ever since the 2 of them just beg to play together. Sometime they play together so great and sometimes they fight the whole time. But, either way they loved getting together and cry when they have to leave. Today was one of those good days, not too much fighting. Easton is potty training right now too, so he and Ady got to both use the big potty. They did a lot of colring and jumped on Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve's bed. (which is just a mattress right now since they just moved into their new house) They really like playing together adn its cute to listen to them have their own little conversations most of them go like
Ady - Here ya go easton (giving him a toy or something)
Easton - Thanks Ady
Ady - Your Welcome Easton
(then silent play and repeat.)
They are too cute together. We are so glad the Lovells moved to Utah so Ady can have her best little buddy so close. And once Max, and Easton's little brother Zach (who are just 4 weeks apart) get a little older, I am sure they will be the same way.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Food Blog

Eric and I have stared our own food blog called Kandell Recipes and Restaurants, so we can review our favorite restaurants and post our (mostly his) favorite recipes. the address is www.kandellfood.blogspot.com
or you can just click on the link under OUR WEBSITES to the right of our family page.

Grandma wore me out!

We spend this morning and early afternoon up in Centerville at my mom's or "Grandma Meema" as Ady calls her. There is so much to do there, Ady is on like overload, there are 2 kittens to chase around, a big backyard with a trampoline and swing set plus Grandma makes treats and soup and everything Ady suggests so by the time we leave, I turn around in the car to ask Ady if she had fun playing at grandma's and this is what I see. Poor Ady, we wore her right out!

Max is crawling...kinda

Max has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth for a bout a week but now he is officially getting places. Now, I hesitate to call what he actually does "crawling" since it is more of an army/inch worm thing. But nevertheless he is getting from point A to point B and he is not doing it by rolling so Yay Max! I took this pics of him yesterday I was trying to get one where he did not look like a deer in headlights, oh well maybe next time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Girl...Potty Training!

We started potty training Adyson yesterday. Ady turned 2, 3 months ago and I think it is the right time. And it is going really well, she got to go to the store and buy buy big girl panties with the Disney princesses on them and she was all pumped to wear them we talked about it all weekend then finally yesterday morning we gave all her diapers to Max and she got to wear them, well by noon we had had 4 accidents and no success. So I said ok if you are going to not even try you are not going to get to wear you panties, so she was running around naked. The like 20 minutes later she started freakin out and asking for a diaper , so i took her in and sat on the potty and she went! We celebrated, she got some m&m's, we called daddy and grandma so they could praise her then the rest of the day she had no accidents and went in the potty the rest of the day. So i am so pumped. It would be sweet if I only had to change Max. Ady is being such a BIG GIRL!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Disney Trip

We just got home form our little southern California trip, and we had a ton of fun. I think Disney is one of the best family vacations you can do. Eric and I and the kids travel quite a bit and a lot of places we go we feel a little out of place with kids or like people are thinking "oh great...kids". But not at Disney, everything totally centers around and caters to families and little kids, so its completely awesome. Ady loves the rides, every morning she woke up she said "mickey mouse rides please". We had so much fun we we would go to Disney all morning then do naps back at the hotel in the afternoon then go back to Disney at night. Is was great. We went on pretty much every ride in Fantasyland and ToonTown and we did some of my favorites too, like Pirates of the Caribbean, which Ady did not like (the the drunk pirates didnt look friendly, not to mention the skeletons too) Disney was all decked out of Halloween and it was so beautiful there. Ady dressed up as Princess Belle one night and Alice from Alice in Wonderland another night. Also while we were down there we spend one morning at Huntington Beach with Eric's cousin Weston and his wife Cat and their 2 kids, Avery and Isaiah. It was a lot of fun too, Ady and Avery loved playing in the sand together and we even renting like a 6 person beach bike/cruiser thing. It was great to see the Marsh's and get some fun beach time. The weather was great! Overall we really liked our trip together and are excited for next time when Max can love all that's going on as much as Ady did.
More pics from the beach and from Disney are below...so scroll down and enjoy!

Disney and Huntington Beach Pics....