Monday, October 1, 2007

.TAGGED!!! Erin Wathen!!!!.... Hers was so fun to read so I decided I better do it! Check it might be next!

1. Where did you meet your husband?
In Lake Powell, I was on a trip with my roomate Danille Wathen and her boyfriend Garrett White (who is now her husband) and Garrett's roomates, one of who I had just started dating. Anyway, Danielle had mentioned Eric before and I had even been to his house one time but he had not been at home, we met his roomates. BUt I met Eric in Lake Powell and he seems a little hyper and crazy but he was nice. Then I started seeing him around other places, like at my boyfriends office (eric was his boss), at the Hal at Utah State, ect. and eventually when me and my boyfriend were on a "break" one weekend, Danielle and I wanted to call a couple of other guys to hang out with and one of the only guy numbers in my phone was Eric's since my boyfriend had programmed it in there one time cuz he was going to be with him and it was "in case I needed to get a hold of him" So I guess my at the time boyfriend was really partially responsible for getting us together.

2.What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I cannot remember probably "hi, nice to meet you"

3. Where was your first date?
This is sad, we "hung out" off and on from like October '02 to February of "03 and we had always just hung at at his place or whatever but never had gone on a date, then one night I was over at his house and his roomate Chris was taking some girl out to dinner at Sundance, and invited us to go with him and another couple so that was technically our first going out date. But our first hang out, we watched a scary movie at his house and he kissed me during the OPENING credits, I guess he was nervous and wanted to get it over with. I had been their like ten minutes.

4. Where was your first kiss?
refer to above, it was on this funky yellow couch which I made him give away once we got married in his living room which is now our living room

5. Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated non exclusively for about 9 months, sometimes we would hang out alot sometimes not for like a month. Eric even had a girlfriend in there some time too. But once we started dating we dated for 13 months before our wedding date, or like 10 from once we got engaged. Our engagement was so short because half way through May 2004 I told Eric I may go back to South America to do the orpahange work again, and he says out of the blue "i thought maybe we would get married this fall and I was totally thrown off guard, we had NEVER spoke about marriage, NEVER!, in fact we had even broken up earlier that spring and I had moved back to Bountiful with my parents and ect. so I for sure didnt expect that, then I told him I for sure wanted a summer wedding so it would have to wait a year and he said he didnt want to , so I got on the phone with my favorite photographer and we started looking at rings and we were engaged within 2 weeks. It was a little nuts. But it all felt totally right, or we would not have rushed into such a big decision.

6. Where did you get engaged?
Eric's house which is our house now, in the kitchen in front of all my family and Eric's. We had just decided to get married and told out parents and Eric' mom and Dad and sister Lisa were going to be in town this one weekend, (memorial day weekend) so we decided to have a BBQ so tour families could meet, so Eric is about to say a prayer on the food and he wanted me to stand by him but i didnt want to because I thought he was going to ask me to say the prayer, but then he said something like " thanks everyone for coming, it was a nervous weekend to have the families meet each other but i am going to make it even mroe nervous" then he got down on his knee and did it. I was super embarassed, i thought I had told him I didnt want a public proposal. Oh well.

7. Where were you married?
Salt Lake Temple, i remember we were waiting together for all of our group to arrive and be seated before we went in and it felt like forever, I thought I was going to throw up, I was also just hoping they werent going to make me say anything.

8. How did your reception go?
Good, except the Joseph Smith Memorial Building did the wrong buffet. So it wasnt the food I was planning on, it did not matter since I didnt even get to eat any of it. But it was fun, it went too fast.

9. How was your honeymoon?
We went to Tahiti on our Honeymoon, namely the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora, and they are the most beautiful places i have been in the world. There was nothing like it. We were scuba certified during our engagement so we scuba dove with sharks, went snokeling, and had the best best time ever, we want to go back on our 10 year anniversary or maybe 5.

I love you Eric!!

10. Who's turn in next? K- these girlies are next......Katie, Chelsey, Jillian, Brittney, Jill, Jen, Camille, Elise, Nicole, everyone else too! I will be checking your blogs so you better do it! :)

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