Monday, December 31, 2007

Cabo was a no-go.

So I should have arrived home today after 5 days with my hubby, kids and in laws in sunny Cabo San Lucas, but that is simply not how things went down. Christmas Day I spent in a lot of pain because and abcess in my mouth got infected. The infection even got so bad it made the tooth which hapened to be a veneer weak and it fell out. (PS it was my very front right tooth and yes I have pictures) so after more pain and a night of throwing up and fever and chills we decided to cancel Cabo so i could stay home and get the dental and medical treatment I needed. Eric and I spent Thursday and Friday morning at the dentist, me squirming in the chair and Eric watching my pain. Now after a screw in my gums, a lot of drilling and digging, about 10 shots and some gum shaving and ect, I have a temporary fix to my pain and problem, but no tan from being in Mexico. It was a bummer to have to stay home for a dumb tooth but after it got worse over the week and my whole mouth and face started swelling it was clear we made the right call. Eric howveer did not tell his employees we stayed home from Mexico so they wouldnt bug him and he still stayed home with us. I hav4e 2 more dentist appointments until everything will be finsihed and back to normal, I think he is afraid I am a flight risk since he hurt me so had so he perscribed me a sedative to take for the next appointment, I cant wait until my mouth looks and feels normal again. We hope all our friends and family had a Merry Christmas and a great 2007. We will psot our pics from Christmas morning soon. Love you all!
The Kandells

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Part 3

This past Saturday we went with all my (Hailey's) family and ate at the new Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Eric's birthday. The food was as always well worth the wait and Eric got some fun new clothes from my family as well as the Brookstone's fogless shower mirror that he has been dreaming of. He cant wait to shave in the shower. It was a lot of fun and the kids of course ate tons of bread and cheesecake. Thanks for the lunch Dad and Mom!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Polar Express

This past Saturday we did the super festive "Polar Express" on the Heber Creeper Railroad. We bought our tickets a couple moths back since I know the weekends sell out quickly even though they have 2 rides per night. We did the late ride at 7:30 pm cuz that is all that was not sold out back in October. Me, Eric and Ady (Max stayed with a sitter, since we heard its not fun for babies) met up with Ady's Uncles Steve, Uncle Weston and Aunt Cat and cousins, Easton, Isaiah and Avery at the train station in Heber, the vintage style train cars were all decorated and lit up for Christmas. We got on the train and got seats together. it was so fun for the kids cuz they get to dress in their pajamas and robes just like in the real Polar Express. And we went on the ride, hot cocoa and cookies were served and we sang songs and the elves told jokes and then when we go to the "North Pole" (Ogden station) Santa came on the train, he went around and individually talked to all the kids, and gave them all a Christmas bell. Ady loved it being with her cousins and seeing Santa, and watching out the window of the train. It was great for her. Then on the way back to heber the kids got to see Mrs. Claus come around and talk to them. It really was a lot of fun. Ady loved it!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby...Part 2 (the weak part)

ok so on Thursday Eric's actual 32nd birthday, we had a party planned for him with all his family in Park City, his cousins were in town and his mom was even in to suprise him for the night. So we headed up the canyon at 5 pm, by the time we got to Heber a strom was REALLY rollin in, but we were in the Escalade so we pressed on, HUGE MISTAKE, about 5 miles out of Heber, it was complete white out conditions, I was driving and I couldnt see anything, not even the sides of the road, we were barely moving and I still couldnt see anything, honestly I was pretirfied. I may have even cried a little. It was so scary to drive in. Cars all around us were going off the road and getting stuck and ect. so we decided at the first Park City exit to turn around. The kids would never make it. So Eric's birthday dinner was at Don Pedros, a Mexican dive in Heber, then we drove home, we were basically in the car from 5-9 pm in traffic or storm. I felt really bad it all happened on Eric's birthday. Lucky for us he is such a good sport, he said he would for sure "never forget this birthday". That's why we love him!

Ding Dong The Bird is dead!!!

Ok If you frequent this blog you may remember my post about the bird that was pecking holes in the roof of our new deck at the new house in AF, well we finally hired and exterminator to "do the job" and he told us it was a Utah protected bird but he got special permission from the state to kill this one since it was doing so much damage, then the next morning we found this outside the master bedroom door to the deck. The bird dead laying on the exterminators business card, not bad advertising.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lehi Aquatic Center

One of our favorite places to go is the Lehi Aquatic Center, our kids love the slides and shallow kidie area, and it is fun for me and Eric too. Last week we took some time out from house stuff and Eric's busy work to take the kids there again.They just love it! And what's even better is it is on the same exit as our new house we will be moving into in a few weeks. I am sure we will live there until the sun comes back in the Spring.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby (Part 1)

So, last night Eric and I went out for his birthday, which isnt really until this next Thursday the 20th. He will be 32! Dang, my man is getting OLD! Anyway, we went up to Sundance and started out at the spa we both had a 90 minute hot stone massage. Then we went to dinner at the always delicious Tree Room. We did all the courses so we could drag out the beautiful dinner as long as possible. It was so good. It was sucha nice night together, Eric and I are pretty good at going on dates we just are usually going out with other couples so it was nice to just have the 2 of us last night. I love you Eric. (Part 2 and 3 of the Birthday Festivities to come over the next week)

This is Eric getting a foot bath before his massage, he already looks so relaxed.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Park City Yurt For Eric's Company Party

Monday night we had Eric's Company Party in a private Yurt up the Canyon's ski resort in Park City. It was so much fun. All the couples met at the office in Provo and we carpooled up together. Then at the base of the Canyons this snow cat pulls you all in a sled 8,000 feet up the mountain to a private little cabin (Yurt) and served a 5 course meal, while a piano player plays and you get to talk and enjoy everyone's company. It's a all night event that dosent end until 10 pm with another seigh ride back down the mountain. It was chilly in the sleigh but the Yurt is kept every warm by a little wood burning fire place. It was a ton of fun and we really had a good time with all Eric's employees and their spouses. We may need to make this a little tradition.

Please excuse the flat hair, we got snowed on on our way up to the Yurt.

These were the 2 cutest couples... Scott and Chelsey Bell and my husband Eric and his twinner Nate Wathen.

Merry Christmas Flagship Financial!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sledding at the Vintage

Ady and I went sleeding on Monday with our usual posse, Sammy and Haley HArdy and Camille and Gavin Miner. The kids loved the snow and were total daredevils, Ady was going on the big hill all alone. She loved it!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was our ward Christmas Party and it was extra special for us since we will soon be moving out of our beloved Riverwood ward. Who we love so much. The food was yummy, the nativity the primary put on was nice and the kids had fun running around together. Here is Eric and Derek Miner with Ady, Max, Gavin and Hailey Miner and Sammy Hardy. These kids are such good buddies.
The moms, Camille Miner (mother to Gavin and Hailey) ME, and Haley Hardy (Sammy's mommy) And I know I look prego in this pic kind of but I was wearing a flowy shirt, no baby annoucements on the horizon. At least not any planned ones

The 3 little nursery buddies. Ady's the only girl but she can hold her own.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cookie Cutters

So, Today we took Adyson to Draper to get her hair cut, if you have seen her or pics of her recently you would know she NEEDED a cut, her bangs were startting to cover up her big "blue bugs" (thats what we call Ady's eyes) so we went to our favorite kids haircut spot Cookie Cutters, this place totally has kids hair cutting down, first they get to pick out a movie, and they have everything Elmo, Dora, Disney, everything. Ady picked Little Einsteins. Then they sit in a little toy car and get their hair cut and styled, then they get a ballon and sucker once they are done. Oh and the waiting room? Its a playground complete with slide and all. It really is a sweet spot, worth the 30 minute drive for us. (but only 15 mins once we live in AF...yay!) Adyson's hair looks awesome and Max dosent quite need a cut yet but he loved playing the the balloon Adyson got.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Favorite Cousins, Easton and Zach Lovell

These are Adyson and Maxwell's only two cousins, Easton and Zach.
This past week we went to super fun Kangaroo Zoo with them and to their house for Sunday dinner. Our kids love playing with their best little cousins, it is so fun to have them so close in age. Ady is 5 months younger than Easton and Max is 4 weeks younger than Zach. They have the best time together.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Ok, see this horrible picture of the wrestler dude Hacksaw Jim Duggan?? Ok well this monring, I was wearing one of Erics work out shirts with a cartoon picture of this freak on it. I dont know why Eric has a shirt with his picture on it but that is not really the point.
So Adyson was eating her breakfast and then she looked at my shirt and said
"oh, is that Jesus Christ Amen?"
She thought it was Jesus! (she calls Jesus, Jesus Christ Amen cuz of her prayers) I just laughed and said "Ady you are way off... but I guess I can see why you might think that"
It was funny. So so so funny.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Daddy is at home all ALONE while MOMMY shops

So i am sitting here at the kitchen counter and Max is in the mini bath that sits in the kitchen sink and Ady is on a chair trying to wash him. It is hilarious, because every time Max splashes, Ady yells "what are you doing" and they both laugh.

Hailey has been in Salt Lake for hours with Kaitlin, who is helping us decorate and furnish our new house. So I got to come home and swap out the baby sitter and have been watching these two kids for about 2 hrs now. I actually really enjoy it because they can both interact so easily now. Max is crawling everywhere and grabs everything in front of him, which turns out to be Ady quite a bit. She of course thinks he is playing with her and loves it.

I am so stressed today because it is the last loan funding day for the month and we are swamped at work. It is kind of nice to come home and not need to worry about work til Monday.

Anyway I am really looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Better go get Max out of the tub.


Ok tis the season for our annual Kandell Christmas card, They will be done this week so I will be starting to send them out next week, so if all of your who check this blog would like a Christmas card, and you do cuz they are going to be cute. Please email me you maling address to And you will have a cute holiday card in your mailbox in no time at all!! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dinner at CPK

Someitmes when we take our kids out to dinner, we just try to "get through it" but last night was incredibly pleasant. Adyson was well behaved, MAx was happy with his lemon,bread and toy and we had a good night out to dinner, I figured that in and of itself was blog-worthy.