Friday, November 30, 2007

Daddy is at home all ALONE while MOMMY shops

So i am sitting here at the kitchen counter and Max is in the mini bath that sits in the kitchen sink and Ady is on a chair trying to wash him. It is hilarious, because every time Max splashes, Ady yells "what are you doing" and they both laugh.

Hailey has been in Salt Lake for hours with Kaitlin, who is helping us decorate and furnish our new house. So I got to come home and swap out the baby sitter and have been watching these two kids for about 2 hrs now. I actually really enjoy it because they can both interact so easily now. Max is crawling everywhere and grabs everything in front of him, which turns out to be Ady quite a bit. She of course thinks he is playing with her and loves it.

I am so stressed today because it is the last loan funding day for the month and we are swamped at work. It is kind of nice to come home and not need to worry about work til Monday.

Anyway I am really looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Better go get Max out of the tub.

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