Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas in Ohio

We are back from ohio and had a wonderful time! We spent a week with Grandpa and Grandma Kandell and Adyson’s Aunt and Uncle, Lisa and Steve Lovell. See our pictures in the gallery

Christmas morning we went to Eric’s parents ward in Rootstown, Ohio and enjoyed all the musical numbers and talks about being grateful for everything we have been blessed with during the Christmas season. After returning from church we went home and had our “Christmas.” The pictures are great! Adyson loved chewing on all the wrapping paper. She has her first 2 front teeth coming in, so she loves chewing everything.

Christmas was great. Eric’s mom made him an amazing photo album of him and all his Marsh cousins from the time they were just babies, all the way up til their marriages. It truly is an amazing scrap book she made. Hailey loved playing with her nephew Easton Lovell and believe it or not, she is thinking she is about ready for another baby! Well not quite yet, but maybe later this year. The food was great as always at the Kandells and Grandpa Jim made his famous shrimp cocktail a couple times.

The 28th of December is always a special day because Jim Kandell, Shane Smoot and Grandma Hatch all have birthdays this day. On the 28th we went out to an amazing steak house for Jim’s birthday. We look forward to doing the same with Shane now that we are back in Utah.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Eric's 30th Birthday

Wow! Can you believe Eric is 30 years old? Hailey sure helped me celebrate in style. On Friday 16th of Dec, she surprised me with a great dinner at the Sundance Resort Tree Room. We stayed the night in the Apsen #2 cabin and it was great. Sundance is a beautiful place anytime of the year, but especially beautiful during the winter.

The next morning when we woke up Hailey surprised me yet again with a fabulous massage at the famous Sundance Spa! I guess Hailey didn’t want me growing too old too fast!

In addition to the wonderful time at Sundance, the Smoot’s threw a huge Japanese Food party for me later that weekend. I am not kidding when I say Shane must have tempura fried 10 lbs of food. We had a birthday/Christmas gift exchange with Hailey’s family that night too! We will be posting all sorts of pictures from Sundance and the Smoot exchange in the Gallery very shortly.

I can’t forget my wonderful Mom and Dad Kandell either. I recieved the sweetest gift from them. It was a framed note that I wrote in elementary school to a teacher that I had been bad for. It was this little apology letter and my mom says she sent it to me to help me remember where I came from.

Hailey and I are heading home for Christmas on the 23rd. We are going to fly into Vegas on the 23rd and spend a quick night there.Then the next morning we will fly into Ohio! Get ready Grandma and Grandpa Kandell! Oh and Lisa and Steve Lovell will be there with our nephew Easton also.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eric is Turning 30!

Eric is TURNING THIRTY. For all those that RSVPed we are having a SUSHI get together at the house at 7 pm. This is just kind of a Christmas get together before everyone is off doing family stuff. See ya there