Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bunco Beverly Hills


Highlights from our Bunco Girls Trip to L.A.
- Katsu-ya
-Jake & Gia sighting
- Linda on the Agenda
- Butter cake is ever better when its free
- "dont freak out but Eddie Murphy is sitting at a table by you"
- taxi rides


-shopping, shopping, shopping
- brief pool time
- lunch at THE GROVE
-Wolfgang Puck visiting our table twice, I am obsessed afterall.
- 3 1/2 hour dinner
- Jodee's palm reading for dummies
- The swagger wagon mom was our waitress


-brunch at Vila Blanca, and chatting with Lisa Vanderpump, I have polaroid proof in my purse
- best caprese salad of my life
-more palm readings
-best girl chats and time.

I miss it already.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy Chiming In

Here I am at work and found myself doing something I do not really have often, FREE TIME (albeit a few minutes) and figured I would drop some valuable words to those readers of this great blog.

The Kandell home front is doing well and this week (man I cannot believe it is Friday already) has absolutely flown by. Monday Hailey and I went to Les Miserables at Orem High and actually I really liked it. I wouldn't believe it myself had I not experienced it, but it was great. I even planned and surprised Hailey with the date!

Tues I had youth night with the church and we went to Temple square to watch a movie and each got a famous TACO CART taco afterward. Hailey had cooking class (odd she is taking cooking classes but has not made me a dinner in a long time:). Hint hint.

Wed, to be completely honest I have no recollection of what we did and may have to come back and edit in a bit. (ok I came back and edited this) Wed was my first night of Company Softball! We lost both games but had a blast. Watch out we will contend!

Thur we went and watched Ady play soccer and that was very fun and Lucy was crawling out of control all over the place.

Today is Friday and I am very excited to go see Max at his Karate class at 5.

We have a weekend packed with events from Ady Dance, UFC fight night, Friends coming over on Sunday and oh I want to clean the garage on Saturday too.

I hope Hailey and I can do an Easter post soon as we had a great time down in St George with my mom and dad (Jim and Sue) and the Lovell Fam.

Monday, April 18, 2011

2 less teeth to brush


Adyson lost both of her 2 middle teeth last week. A huge occasion in her life, and one of those parenting milestones that makes me feel like whether I like it or not, I am getting older. Ady actually didn't even know she was about to lose a tooth, but one evening she was about 10 feet away from me in the kitchen talking and I noticed her tooth quivering in the breeze as she spoke. It was that loose. Once i showed her that it was so loose it was about to just fall right out of her gums, we noticed the one next to it wasn't far behind. With some coaxing and some tricking I pulled the first one. The sight of blood had her freaked for a minute but she soon got excited. Waited until about 2am to catch the tooth fairy before finally falling asleep.
She was thrilled with her dollar, so it didn't take as much coaxing to do the same thing the next night with tooth number 2.
If you see her out anywhere ask her about her new smile, she cannot wait to show it off to anyone who is interested.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tyrannosaurus-Max is 4


Maxwell turned 4 on March 31st. The following weekend we had his birthday party. As much as I tried to talk him into another theme I had in mind, he is old enough to want to make his own decisions and chose a Dinosaur Party at Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum (one of his favorite places to go ever)
Max made all the decisions of what he wanted for his special day including the guests list, girls weren't allowed at first but he eventually changed his mind.

{Our party room}

We started out with a guided tour of the museum. With lots of hands on exhibits for the kids to enjoy. Our friends who joined us for the party were Beckham Wathen, Easton and Zach Lovell, Ainsley and Cecily Tornow, Linkin Park (no I didnt mispell that) Christian Dowse, and sisters Lucy and Adyson. {adults in attendence : mom and dad, Aunt Lisa, Erin Wathen, Uncle Bandele}


After our tour and play time, we headed into the lab to make our own Trilobites, the kids got to choose which fossil they wanted to make.


hen we headed into the party room for lunch and cake. Max chose Cafe Rio catering for his lunch. He loves rice beans and chicken quesadillas so this was no surprise.


By lunch it was poor LuLu's nap time and she could hardly wait to go home and go to bed.


We sang to Max, had cake, and opened gifts from all our great friends.
Thanks to all our party friends for coming, it was so fun to have you and Max is so happy to have such good buddies to help him celebrate!


Thanks to Ann Elizabeth for the invites, as always
to kidlark for the stickers, labels for favors, and fact sheets and other details
and to Dippidee for all the sweets.