Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Break

December has been such a busy month for us. We have had so many fun things and had a nice time spending time with family. Right after Thanksgiving we had to hurry and get decorated for Christmas because on Saturday December 2nd, Hailey had all her high school girlfriends down for a Christmas Dinner Party, it was a lot of fun and everyone loved the fondue. Then on December 16th we had Eric’s company party at Riverside Country Club, it was a nice dinner with everyone and Ady went and stayed the night at Grandpa and Grandma Smoots, she loved playing with her aunts Breanna and Christa. Since Adyson was staying up in Centerville, Eric and Hailey went and stayed the night up at a Mountain Suite in Sundance to celebrate Erics birthday, it was nice we went to the spa and just relaxed.

Then the week before Christmas Hailey, Ady and the Smoots headed down to stay at our St. George house so everyone could go to Vegas on the 21st for the Vegas Bowl, we had to go a support BYU. And they totally dominated the entire game. Eric was too busy at work to join us for this little trip but he wished he could have been there. We also felt bad leaving him home on his actual birthday so Shane and Stacey took him and Hailey out to Ruth’s Chris for dinner the night before we left.Then on Christmas Eve Eric, Hailey and Ady stayed up in Centerville and got to go to church and see Bishop Shane Smoot in action, and watch the nice Christmas program, Ady kept pointed at her grandpa up on the stage and grandma too since she was singing with the ward chior. Then Christmas Eve we had yet another Erics bithday celebration with the whole family. He got so spoiled this year.Christmas morning we spent opening gifts and trying to get Ady to play with her gifts. It was a great time, then we headed up to the Smoot cabin in the early afternoon for a couple days of relaxing and snomobiling. Also a new tradtion was brought the the cabin this winter, for Christmas all the boys got paintball guns from Santa (Shane and Stacey) so all the boys were playing paint ball wars out in the woods until they either had welts that hurt to bad or they were too tired. Eric loved it so much he is already talking about war strategies to try out in the Spring up there. I have to keep reminding him that we will be having a new baby in the Spring so there may be less time for paintballing.

And that is pretty much in a nut shell what we have been up to the last few weeks. Time is flying and in just 14 shorts weeks we could have our new baby boy at home. We cannot wait to see Ady be a big sister. This month she will be getting a big girl bed in preparation to give her crib up to Ethan when he comes home from the hospital, so we will let you all know how that goes. Have a Happy New Year and we love you all!