Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brady Smoot got home today

At around 8:45 pm on Tuesday July 11, 2006 Hailey’s brother Brady Smoot came home from his mission! It was so good to see him again. When he left on his mission Hailey and I were not even married and now we have a one year old baby girl. Brady had lots of family present at the airport. Here is a list of his biggest fans:*His mom and dad Stacey and Shane*His sisters Hailey, Christa and Breanna*His brother Spencer (Austin was in Boston at wrestling camp)*Me (Eric) and Adyson*Grandpa and Grandma Stan and Mary Ellen Smoot*Aunt Stana Kjar
Brady was so happy to see all of his family there and Stacey was the first to run and give him a huge hug as he walked towards us. Hailey won’t quit saying how good he looks, so if there are any single girls out there looking for a good looking returned missionary, please email Hailey your resume and she will see if she can hook you up.
After leaving the airport, we went to the stake center and met with the stake president and had the chance to listen to Brady go over some of his most memorable and spiritual mission experiences. Brady was such an awesome missionary and we could get a peak at how his friends in the mission must have felt by being with him every day as he shared the gospel message. If you are unfamiliar with the LDS faith and would like to know more about what message Brady shared for 2 yrs in Russia and Ukraine click here .
Brady will get back to normal life soon as he is enrolled at BYU Idaho for this fall semester. Good Luck Brady, we love you.Eric, Hailey and Ady

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Ady about to turn 1 yr old!

Eventhough Ady doesnt really turn 1 until July 7th, we had her big birthday bash this past weekend on July 1st. We had an abolsutely wonderful time and thank all of you who came and partied with us! Go see all the new pictures in Adyson’s Birthday Gallery.

The week actually started off by Grandma Kandell and Aunt Lisa (Eric’s Mom and Sister) coming to visit. Lisa brought cousin Easton and he and Ady loved playing together all week long. Grandpa Jim flew in town later in the week and we all went to Riverside Country Club on Thursday night for the weekly pool-side BBQ. We had such a good time there. Our cousins Danny, Mariah, Sophia and Oliver all come along and we ate and swam for a couple hours that night.

Saturday July 1st was such a fun day. The highlight of the day of course was Adyson’s birthday party. We had water toys, the jacuzzi was turned into a swimming pool for the kids, and all the parents just enjoyed relaxing and watching the kids have a blast. Adyson’s great grandparents Stan and Mary Ellen Smoot came and were the first ones at the party to wish Ady a happy birthday. Ady was lucky to have all of her granparents there. Jim and Sue Kandell and Shane and Stacey Smoot came to also wish Ady a happy birthday. Ady doesn’t realize it now but she is certainly loved by so many. Adyson’s highlight was when Hailey let her have her very own birthday cake and she sat in her high chair while we all sang to her. Ady really won’t turn 1 until friday the 7th of July but we sure had a fun time celebrating with her.

Later that night we left Ady and her cousin Easton Lovell with Abbie Smoot while all of us adults (Eric, Hailey, Lisa, Jim, Sue, Shane, Stacey, Spencer (and his date of course), Christa and Breanna all went to the Stadium of Fire at the BYU football stadium. The highlight of the night for us was Taylor Hicks’ performance and of course the fireworks. If you think you have seen a good fireworks show, trust me you have not unless you have been to the Stadium of Fire. I bet there were at least 20 minutes of straight major fireworks at one point.

Well We have ab0ut 2 weeks or less until Hailey’s brother Brady comes back from his mission. It is hard to believe that when he left we were not even married and now we are almost 2 yrs married and have a 1 yr old baby and another on the WAY! (just kidding for now!)