Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Max has been a little more of a "punk" lately. Eric has been loving it, of course, why wouldn't he? He only parents about 2 hours a day by the time he get home. I think its funny how guys like to see their boys be a little rebellious. I guess especially since Max has been sort of a sweetheart since he was born. Anyway so for fun tonight we got out the clippers and decided to give Max a little punk haircut to go along with the "independence" he has been showing lately. I'm shaving it off before church on Sunday. He looks like a drummer from a garage band. But he is still cute.
{better after picture tomorrow}

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Girlfriends

How cute are these 2 little best buddies? Cecily and Adyson are just a couple weeks apart and we are so glad the Tornows moved in a block away not long after we moved in. Ady and Cec play so well together and seem to never get sick of each other and hardly fight. Rare in the 4 year old highly emotional girl world. Anyway this week Ady and Cecily who take ballet and Jazz together have had some little dance clinics, so after last nights I told Ady since Eric and Max are cabining with my family up in Wyoming for the weekend that she could have Cecily over for a Girls Night. They were so cute, helping me make treats, and snuggling in the theatre watching "Alice in Wonderland" (the original) It was so cute.
And right now they are in the playroom after another morning of dance (Ady cant get enough Cecily play time), they have staged an entire birthday party for their dolls and are making them sushi and pancakes. I love them.

(these pics are of Cec and Ady at their last Spring soccer game, that their dads coached them in, and at their Spring Dance Concert back in April)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Year Older.

Two weekends ago we flew down to Las vegas for a quick weekend with a few of our friends to celebrate my birthday. (which actually fell on Mothers Day this year). We didn't want to be out of town over Mothers Day without the kids plus my favorite old school comedian Jerry Seinfeld was preforming at the Caesars Palace. we had a such a great weekend and I am so so mad I didn't take any pictures. I am so sad. My camera was in my purse the whole time but it's funny how when the kids aren't around I don't pull it out as much. Plus who really wants much documentation of themselves at almost 8 months pregnant. Not me! So, maybe subconciously thats why I "forgot". Anyway, the weekend was awesome. We went down with our friends the Whites (Danielle and Garrett, who were a big part of Eric and I meeting in Lake Powell all those years ago) also the Shergills (Jimmy and Leslie, Jimmy was Eric's room mate when we dated and he sang at our wedding) then our neighbors and good friends the Tornows, Derrick and Jen came along and to see why we cant stop talking about Sushi Samba and Jason and Lindy Skinrood. We took them to Scottsdale back in March and to dinner at Mastro's which they loved so when they hear that's where we were going for my birthday dinner they came along too. We are so glad they all did! It was tons of fun.
Here are the highlights of our weekend in Vegas!

- Sushi Samba, our absolute favorite Sushi place we have ever been. You can do the Omakasi menu where they bring you out 4-5 small tapas from all 3 of the kitchens (peruvian, sushi, and brazilian) It is amazing! Honestly. Wish I would have taken pics of the kobe beef we got to cook at our table on a hot rock or the ahi tacos, or the sashimi 4 ways. If you haven't been there, I couldn't recommend it more.
- the oxygen bar, I know I have mentioned it before but I love the little oxygen bars they have everywhere in Vegas. But I have realized why not everyone else loves them so much. I have a deviated septum and really bad sinus and allergy issues. So for the 20 minutes I am at the oxygen bar, I get to experience what most people do all the time, breathing clear. I love it. I would seriously put one in my house. If they weren't 2 grand and a complete eyesore.
- crepes for breakfast at the Jean Phillippe in the Bellagio. Who says you can't have nutella and berry crepes with vanilla gelato for breakfast?
- discovering the biggest international food market I have ever seen. This was more like a highlight for Eric and Derrick since the small was making me a little nauseated.
- Jerry Seinfeld's show at Caesars. I thought he was super funny. Eric was not that excited to see him since he has never see even one episode of Seinfeld but he really liked it. And what else was nice? he was totally clean. I wasn't surprised but apparently a lot of comedians are a little more risque out on tour. I loves all his jokes on married life and I-phone addicts.
- Our late night dinner at Mastro's in the new City Center. The food was awesome, the company was great. We did however had a rather crazy/awkward dining experience there which I will spare sharing on my family blog but if you want the story, just ask. Eric has pretty much shared it a million times and I am sure he will again. and again. But bonus was that the Tornows emailed the Mastro's manager once we got home about our encounter and we all got $200 giftcards to Mastro's for it. And if you haven't been to a Mastro's, its another place you want to try. Best steak and seafood restaurant I have been to.
- last highlight was the brunch we had at Bouchon. Like how most of our Vegas highlights are food related. Usually our favorite reasons for Vegas are the food and shopping and the fun shows but since I am surely not buying any more friggin ugly maternity clothes, food was all we had, and Jerry. But Bouchon was great and a nice way to end the trip.

Here is the one memory we have documented from the trip, a video of the birthday Butter cake at Mastro's.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Dance Recital

If you aren't me or Eric. Which most of you aren't. You may think I posted far too many photos of Ady at her Spring Dance Concert but oh well. I'm a proud mommy and she was darling..

Dance 1 - To Be a Bee (Jazz 1)
(Ady is front row right)

Dance 2 - Little Swans (Ballet 1)
(Ady is front center/right)
(and if you are wondering why she is literally half the size of the girls on back row its because its an older Jazz 1 class like 8-10 year olds)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Left Out

Look at that sad face. Poor Max is feeling like his life evolves around watching Ady go for thing to thing. Lately we have been busy with Ady's soccer team (which Eric coaches) having 2 games every week. Then she has Ballet once and week and Jazz once a week. Not to mention the tons of tech, dress and other rehearsals they had for her Spring Concert which was a week ago. And if you ask him he also says Ady gets "more friends over" and "go to preschool". So, Max is feeling a bit on the neglected side. Its hard age to be 3 and want to do everything your sister who is less than 2 years older than you is doing but not being old enough for soccer or tee ball and stuff. He still is doing swimming but Ady get to do it too so he wants his"own thing". We are thinking maybe karate? Any other moms have a left out 2nd or middle child that you found something great for. Art time with me and running errands with me while Ady is at her things, is not cutting it for him anymore.
Any other suggestions?