Monday, May 3, 2010

Left Out

Look at that sad face. Poor Max is feeling like his life evolves around watching Ady go for thing to thing. Lately we have been busy with Ady's soccer team (which Eric coaches) having 2 games every week. Then she has Ballet once and week and Jazz once a week. Not to mention the tons of tech, dress and other rehearsals they had for her Spring Concert which was a week ago. And if you ask him he also says Ady gets "more friends over" and "go to preschool". So, Max is feeling a bit on the neglected side. Its hard age to be 3 and want to do everything your sister who is less than 2 years older than you is doing but not being old enough for soccer or tee ball and stuff. He still is doing swimming but Ady get to do it too so he wants his"own thing". We are thinking maybe karate? Any other moms have a left out 2nd or middle child that you found something great for. Art time with me and running errands with me while Ady is at her things, is not cutting it for him anymore.
Any other suggestions?

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