Wednesday, February 5, 2014

it is already the first week of February 2014

Ady sipping hot coco at Sundance, man she is growing up fast

Boy oh boy where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday we started a brand-new year yet here we are already in February.
The American Girl Tea Party at the Harris home after skiing

This past weekend Adyson went and had a ski lesson with some of her friends. It made me realize how old she was getting that we could drop her off at the mountain and then have somebody drive her home afterward.   We of course did not leave her all by herself, she was with an instructor and some of her friends but it did cause me to stop and just think about how fast she is growing up.  

Lucy getting ready to sip some tea at the American Girl Tea Party

After she was done skiing the Jodeeh Harris brought her back from Sundance to her house or she met up with Lucy and the girls and they had an American girl tea party which was very fun for them.

Speaking of growing up little Max continues to be a bit crazy at times but he brings so much fun and energy to our home.  Just last night he and Lucy were wrestling when he fell backwards and nailed his head on the side corner of an ottoman.  You should have seen how loud he was yelling and how read his face turned.  It scared me and him a little bit when the back of his head had a big knot in it but it was gone the next morning so that was our excitement with Max last night.  

Lucy is currently in this phase where she only wants to wear one gnarled up old and dirty white princess dress.  She continues to believe that she truly is Elsa from the Disney movie frozen. And she wants to put this dress on the moment she wakes up and she wants to put it on the moment she comes home from school and she wants to wear at any time we go out and did I mention she also wants to sleep in it?  
This sushi was great!

This past weekend Hailey and I went to the Bailey's home on Saturday to watch the UFC fight and have a sushi chef make sushi at their home.  The sushi was very fresh and the chef did a great job of preparing it.  

The Super Bowl of course was on Sunday and it was the Denver broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks and was one of the biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history.  The game was actually pretty boring but it was fun to relax around the house. While Max and I watched the Super Bowl Hailey, Lucy and Adyson made a hair salon and did each other's nails. The boys did boy stuff and the girls of course were doing girl stuff.  

Work continues to go well and I believe we have close to 90 loans in processing at the start of this week and the goal is to be over 120 or 130 loans by the end of this week.  It has been a much larger task then I initially thought it would be but we are also growing and progressing at a faster pace than I was hoping for. So all and all starting my own mortgage company has been a very good thing that's far.