Saturday, July 14, 2007

4th of July at Bear Lake

We had a great 4th of July! Tuesday night the 3rd, we went up to Great Grandma and Grandpa Smoot’s up in Eaglewwod for the big fireworks show. Ady who is usually one tough cookie, was terrified of the loud fireworks. Then we went and had a sleep over at Mima Smoot and Beetba Smoot’s (as Ady calls them, grandma and grandpa) and in the morning went and watched the Centerville Parade and hung out in Centerville for most of the day. It was a ton of Fun! Except it was so hot, Little Max just konked right out.

The the nest day July 5th, we packed our bags and headed out for Bear Lake for the Smoot family reunion, We played at the beach all day and BBq on the beach at night, we stayed in little condos we rented by Bear Lake West. It was a great time. Ady absolutely loved the water and the sand, and Eric loved playing beach volleyball, he played for about 4 hours one day. We had a great little weekend getaway with the Smotts and can’t wait to make it a tradition.

Ady also turned 2 while on the Trip (july 7th) but we are not celebrating it until the 14th, when we are having her real party a little Mexican Fiesta. It should be tons of fun.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kandell Family Blog

Ok even though we have some of our blogger friends do not visit it enough so we made this page to keep in touch as well. So, here we will post pics and news of Eric, Hailey, Adyson and Maxwell!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kandell News: Our Top 10 List

10. Max has learned how to suck his thumb well enough that he can put himself to sleep every night. This has been huge for the amount of sleep Hailey is now getting.

9. We found out via the VIDEO MONITOR that when we thought Adyson was pounding on her bedroom door in the morning to be let out, that she has actaully been body slamming the door. AWESOME

8. Our quick weekend to St george, which was super short but super fun.

7. Adyson can now name all of her baby einstein animal flashcard as well as the sounds they make, otter and dolphin took us awhile but she is finally there. GENIUS!!

6. Ady and Maxwell’s aunt Christa stayed at our house this past week while attending BYU gymnastics camp, she is so much fun!

5. We are continuing to try and stalk Uncle Elder Spencer Smoot at the MTC every Wednesday, but we are hoping to have some success soon since he leaves for Mozambique later this month. We love his weekly letters though!!

4.Hailey just got called to be the secretary in the Relief Society Presidency in our ward

3. Eric and Adyson have been enjoying night bike rides around the neighborhood lately, Ady rides behing Eric in the litte kids bike trailer, Max does not enjoy joining them.

2. Eric’s work is going well of course he never thinks he is busy enough though, but he has been better at coming home on time lately.

1. We have begum house and lot shopping and found both a lot we really like in Highland we have an offer on and a home we really like in Riverton, we will be making som big decisions over the next month or so.

Love You All!!!Eric, Hay, Ady and Mac Mac