Saturday, October 22, 2005

Disney World a Blast

We took Adyson to Disney World in October and she loved it! At least we hope she did. You will have check out the new pictures in our Gallery and decide for yourself.

We hope you are enjoying our NEW and IMPROVED website; it is MUCH FASTER!

Our trip was a ton of fun and quite the adventure. Hailey and I had the responsability to take her 2 little sisters and her younger brothers all the way to Tampa by ourselves! Oh and don’t forget Adyson was along for the treck too. Once in Tampa we rented a mini van and drove out the historic Biltmore Hotel and stayed there and visited the beach for 2 days. It was a ton of fun.

Too bad I don’t have pictues, but Hailey’s brother’s Spencer and Austin and I captured a big old JELLY FISH in a plastic bag! It was sweet. We love eating sushi every time we travel; it has become almost custom. We introduced Hailey’s brothers and sisters to the art of RAW FISH and they actually like it. Ask Austin how it tastes after spitting it out and then eating it again just because you want to prove you can.

Well after a couple of days in Tampa, Hailey’s parents, Shane and Stacy met up with us in Orlando (we drove the mini van there) at Disney World. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Fort Wilderness Cabins . see the cabins by clicing here.

I have not been to Disney for probably 20 yrs and I was amazed what a fun place it was. We were able to board a large boat right at our camp resort and then go across this large lagoon surrounded by Disney Parks and we could get off at any one we wanted. We rode rides, relaxed and really had a blast. Hailey and I enjoyed the Tower of Terror the most of all! The cabins we stayed in were great too. They were roomy, secluded and even came with full kitchens. We will for sure have to take Ady back when she is old enough to remember it.

Well as always come back often and enjoy our site.
Love The Kandells