Sunday, June 12, 2005

Daughter is Coming in July

Can You Believe Our Daughter Will be Here JULY?
Make sure you check her out in our gallery whenever you would like.

It is amazing for us to see how much Hailey has changed in the past 7 1/2 months! It is an absloute miracle to see how her body adapts to our growing daughter. I know she will be the best MOM our daughter could get. Make sure to check out the pictures of Adyson’s (that is what we are naming our baby) nursery in our gallery.

We cannot wait to be parents. We had a wonderful Memorial Day BBQ at our house on monday and once again Eric and Chris Walker went undefeated in the annual badminton competition. Just ask Hailey how cute Eric is when he plays badminton. Well just in case you are wondering Adyson’s due date is July 9th and Hailey and I are both hoping maybe she will come a bit early. We have chosen to name her Adyson Rose Kandell. Rose is in memory of Jim Kandell’s (Eric’s dad) mother Rose Mary Kandell. We have added some new pictures to our gallery so go look at those if you haven’t already.

One last piece of information, Jim and Sue Kandell have gone in with Eric and Hailey and are buying a vacation/retirement home in SUNNY ST GEORGE UTAH. No Eric is not retiring for another few years but Jim and Sue are about ready. This is going to be awesome. Jim and Sue hope to come out here in the cooler winter months and spend time with their grandchildren and enjoy the weather. Hailey and Eric are excited to have the home for a place to go and relax when they just need to get away from the fast paced life in Happy Valley Provo, Utah!
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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Adyson is Coming!

This week was Amazing!!!

We got the most awesome 3D ULTRASOUND PHOTOS of BABY ADYSON.
You can go see them right now in our gallery

We just returned from a fun filled weekend at the Smoot Family cabin in Wyoming. It is only about a 2.5 hour drive from Provo and is well worth it! What is so great about the cabin is that you are very secluded. It sits on 35 acres, well that is what Hailey’s family owns; there are thousands of acres that you can explore. We got there late thursday night and then went to flaming Gorge most of the day Friday. You will have to look at the flaming gorge pictures also in our gallery. Anyways back to the cabin. There are four-wheelers which you can jump on and just cruise for miles; we went exploring and found one of many little lakes that surround the area. The girls (Hailey’s little sisters) even found a pound nearby and we spent the day building a fort! We did smores by the bom fire later that night. While Hailey and her mom were exploring on four wheelers, (dont worry they stayed on the paths and went slow because Hailey is almost ready to deliver) they found a fox den. There were little baby red foxes about the size of small dogs that were wrestling and rolling around near a huge pile of sticks and logs right off the dirt road. They came and got the girls and I from building our fort and when we got there the mom fox had shown up. It was awesome, she was a large fox with a big fluffy tail and she just stared at us from about 100 yds up on a big hill. Between the Kandell Family retreat(Jim and Sue’s home in Ohio)and the Smoot family cabin, our kids are going to have a blast!

Just a little more news while you are here. The St. George house that Hailey and I were buying with my parents, fell through due to a crazy seller! Anyways we are getting ready to put another offer on a house in the same area so check back for new pictures of that house soon.

Well it is less than a month to go and we will be PARENTS!

That is scary. I’ll tell you what though, as scary as it seems Hailey and are so excited we cannot wait.