Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kandells Recently

{best little sibs}

It's been awhile since I have done a family update on this little blog so I thought it was time. Time is racing by and so many things are going on with us that I wanted to document more than I have been.
And since during my morning sickness stupor or coma or whatever I have been in has left me blogging a lot less, with this update I am just going to post a few pics that I haven't had time or energy to post over the past 3 months.

Eric: Well as usual Eric is making himself as busy as possible with work. He is all excited about this new side venture he is diving into called, in fact he and I were just down in Vegas for the last 2 days with a couple of his new NAMF employees and their wives. The guys were at conventions during the day, and I hung out with their wives. We are super excited about his new venture and love the guys he is working with Joe and Craig (and their wives). It was so great to get to know them even better. Eric, is also staying busy with loan (his main business) but still keeps time for us and being a good dad. Eric has loved having a new snowblower this year (what's with men and snow removal?) He is also really loving being in Young Men's, they went to a BYU basketball game last week and loved it. Its really he best calling for him since he is still 16 at heart (and sometimes in behavior).

{Max with the witch fingers we put in our Halloween brew}

Me: Well, I must admit, I am doing much much better. This week I will be 20 weeks (half way through my pregnancy) and I for sure have more energy back, November was a horrible month for my morning sickness, I improves slightly in December and January has been a new trimester and so much better. I am still on my nausea meds and I for sure notice if I miss a dose but I am now only throwing up 2-3 per week instead of per day, or per hour. HUGE improvement. I am very excited to be having a girl. We have a list of names that we go back and forth on but we are pretty sure we know what we want to name her (i love calling my tummy a name so like to decide earlier on) We had a small scare of our cruise with the baby, I woke up one night and had bled everywhere (TMI? then don't read on) anyway we called the Dr. from the Bahamas and he told us I was either having a late miscarriage or maybe had a hemorage, we had to wait 5 days to find out if she was fine, and I kept bleeding. When we got home they said she was ok but I had a large blood sack under my placenta and was put on semi bed rest, no exercise, none ...ahem.... of the business that dot us this baby in the first place, NONE, and no heavy lifting. Now the blood sack has turned into a clot and so I still have to be careful but I'm doing much better. We were pretty worried for awhile since they said if the sack ruptured it would cause my pregnancy to end. So glad thing have gone better. We are so grateful to have this little girl on her way to our home.

{Ady and Max with cousins Sophia and Oliver in Ohio over Thanksgiving}

Ady: Ady is doing so great. She has started dancing 2 hours a week now, both ballet and Jazz and she totally loves it. She also is still in preschool which we and she both love. She has blossomed into a little artist/craft girl. She always wants to draw and color and make projects. Its always so nice when Eric's mom Sue is in town cuz he has all sorts of art project ideas, I struggle to come up with as many ideas as Ady wants me to. She is thrilled about having a baby sister, and talks to my tummy and acknowledges baby girl more than anyone. I know she is gonna be such a helper. She also loves to play pretend games with Max, right now as type this they have turned the play kitchen under our stairs into a library/sushi bar, you borrow a book and get a sushi roll. I like it. And on a very small bad note, Ady sometimes takes joy in getting Max in trouble such as whispering mean things in his ear to say, then telling on him, telling him to draw on the couch or pillows then telling on him ETC. Luckily for him, I'm wise to her games.

{Ady's best buddy Cecily, Ady and Max on HAlloween about to go trick or treat}

{Ady at a December Family NIght Eric organized to have the kids gather toys we don't use for donation to kids who don't have toys, we were proud the kids were so generous}

Max: Ok, biggest news of all Max is finally potty trained. Its been a long journey with our sweet but stubborn Macky but he is finally in his awesome pirate boxer briefs for good. Its great! Because Max took so long we had a lot of things promised to him if he would just get potty trained, he could move out of the nursery into his big boy room, he could sign up to start preschool, and he could get a big train set. So, he has the train set, and he is moving into the big boy room this week. Big changes before the baby comes. Max also loves to color with Ady but he really loves to help me cook, we make a big breakfast almost every morning, waffles, crepes and Dutch Babies are his favorite and he wants to help me mix and do everything. It's cute, and it makes me want to make something besides cereal everyday so he can help me. He and Ady are both back in swim lessons starting this week. So they will be in perfect form by spring when we open the pool. Max also (i am assuming its the way boys are made) has started wanting to say bad words, now luckily he dosen't know any really bad words, but if he's mad at me he will stick out his toungue and say "bum" or "butt" or call his sister an "idiot". Soap on the tongue is the most effective punishment thus far but we are still workin on it.

{the kids helping me make mini pizzas for their dinner}

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Disney Cruise

On the Sunday after Christmas (the 27th i believe)we flew down to Orlando with the kids to give them their big Christmas trip. A Disney Cruise. The Cruise didnt leave til Wednesday so we spent Monday and Tuesday at Disney World. The kids were in heaven and we had fun. I am purposely not posting tons of pics of Disney world since that wasn't the purpose of this trip just a little bonus.

The Wednesday came and we took a 45 min cab ride from our hotel in Orlando to Port Canaveral. We are not cruisers, none of us have ever been so it was fun to see the huge Disney Wonder as we pulled into the docks. The kids were freaking! (in a good way) Disney was super organized and check in and everything was super speedy.We boarded the ship and checked out our little cabin (which wasn't as little as I thought ti would be) We get a family stateroom so it had a bunk bed that pulled down from the ceiling into the little living area every night ad a queen for Eric and I. We thought it was totally comfortable.
The first night we pulled away from the dock, I was so nervous that the motion of the boat was going to compound my pregnancy sickness, but other than at dinner I felt okay. The food was very impressive, I thought for a cruise. I always figure if the price on your vacation is all inclusive something is going to suffer, the food, service something but Disney really made me a Cruise fan. Now, I have nothing to compare it to but I will take my kids on a Disney cruise again for sure.

Anyway the next morning we were docked in Nassau before we even woke up, we spent the day at the beach just down for the stunning Atlantis compound. The water was beautiful and the locals were super friendly.

I was happy under my umbrella reading, and the kids were happy in the sand with Eric.

Ok I posted this picture (above) of Eric, for a reason, see how he is looking over his shoulder at those 2 kids playing in the water with their dad? Well, its a good thing he was keeping his eyes on them, the waves at this beach when we were there were huge, and the undertow, even worse. It would knock adults just walking with the toes in the water to the ground when the tide came up. Well, Eric somehow notice that the dad and his 2 kids had gotten out far and could not get back in, they didn't look panicked to me but its hard to tell from shore, so Eric swam out to them. A few minutes later, the dad had one kid and Eric had the other and Eric was holding the kids above water every time a wave would crash. It looked bad, some of the family rushed down to the shore the help grab the kids so that Eric and the dad could stay above water and get in. It was crazy but they finally got to shore. He totally saved that kid.
And about an hour later, another one who was almost limp in the water because no one had noticed him. The water seemed so dangerous we kept our kids completely out of it.

While were there Ady got a sweet set of braids from a local woman who totally found herself a bunch of suckers (us) she tells us it's $2 per braid, so we say ok go ahead, well 2 hours and 57 braids later we now know to agree on the number of braids before hand. Ady did love her hair though.

That night we got back to the ship was the formal New Years Eve Dinner and Party. Disney is even the only ship that has permission to shoot fireworks off the top of their ship. They really do it up right.

Then the next day was a day at Sea, where we played at the pool, went to the spa (me and eric) and relaxed. Which brings me to talking about the Kids Clubs they have on the ship. Holy Cow! We could not get our kids to leave their clubs! They loved them. In fact on day 2 we started calling Adys Club her "cult".
Everyone who had done a Disney Cruise before told us "oh your kids will love the kids clubs, you will hardly see them" and I thought "no this is a family vacation maybe one morning so Eric and I can go tot he spa I will let them go" But I wasn't very comfortable with the idea until we got there. You kids have computer chipped wristbands, with private family passwords, and you haeve a pager for any communication with the club about your child. And they have the most fun days packed with Tinkerbelle's Art Time, then Buried Treasure hunt with Captain Hook, and storytime with Snow White, Peter Pan's Pizza Party, and the list goes on. Ady would be so sad every time we showed up to get her. She loved her Oceaneer Club and to be honest we loved it too.

Day 3, Disney's Private Island Castaway Cay
We loved it! It was sorta chillier this day so we relaxed at the beach a bit, did some exploring then headed back to the boat in the afternoon. For our final night before heading home to the Port Canaveral. Our 4 days at Sea was the perfect amount of time for us.

Anyway I just realized this post was much longer than it should have been, but we had a really great time, and so much more happened worth mentioning,
let's see, I had a horrible tooth ache from what I thought was an abcessed tooth so one night with a fork and my tweezers I removed my tooth, no lie. It hurt THAT bad that I was happy to try and relieve the pressure, Eric was sorta frightened by the fact I was willing to dig into my gums with metal utensils but if you have had a bad tooth pain you know what I'm talking about.
But overall the trip was lovely, and this was probably our kids favorite vacation.

Max saying bye bye to Castaway Cay.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

baby names.

Okay I am hoping for some input on this one. Since everyone including myself thought this baby was going to be a boy, I had a boy name both Eric and I loved that we were all ready to go with. But since I was wrong, for the 3rd time in a row, we would love some baby girl name input. We have a few names we like and one that is for sure the frontrunner, in fact my kids already use the name when referring to baby sister. But before I start having her journal and blankets personalized and monogramed (we made that mistake during max's pregnancy, I have a whole lot of stuff with the first name we picked for him in a closet) I want to hear some other ideas. I'd like if it was a semi simple name like Ady and Max. So it sounds like it fits in with the other 2 names we have chosen for our kids.
Give me ideas!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Belated Christmas Festivities

Since these photos are so belated I am not going to write paragraphs for how great Christmas was with our families but I did want some kid of record of Christmas. So here are the highlights.

Sunday before Christmas we have a delicious christmas Dinner and gift exchange with the Lovells. I told them that night I felt like I was coming back from the dead, I didn't throw up all day, and I even had energy enough to set the table pretty and everything. It was a great night.

Christmas Eve we spent with my family doing all the Christmas traditions from our childhood, since it was the first year in a long time, all 6 siblings were home at my parents. Christmas Eve consisted of our annual fondue and appetizers, our sibling gift exchange, pj's from the Elves, and the Christmas story.

We slept up at to parents and had our Christmas morning at their house, it was really fun for the kids, to "get" the Santa and present thing this year. We didnt even get them much since my mom and dad went all out spoiling everyone.
Our kids main gift from Eric and I were "tickets for the Disney boat" (Disney cruise that we took them on the week after Christmas)
AFter my parents house we went up to see Eric parents who had come into town and spend Christmas evening with them and the following day celebrating Erics dad birthday at Rodizio with everyone, for some reason I don't have pics... Lisa do you?? Sue?
We had a great Christmas week most importantly being together with the people we love.