Saturday, January 16, 2010

Belated Christmas Festivities

Since these photos are so belated I am not going to write paragraphs for how great Christmas was with our families but I did want some kid of record of Christmas. So here are the highlights.

Sunday before Christmas we have a delicious christmas Dinner and gift exchange with the Lovells. I told them that night I felt like I was coming back from the dead, I didn't throw up all day, and I even had energy enough to set the table pretty and everything. It was a great night.

Christmas Eve we spent with my family doing all the Christmas traditions from our childhood, since it was the first year in a long time, all 6 siblings were home at my parents. Christmas Eve consisted of our annual fondue and appetizers, our sibling gift exchange, pj's from the Elves, and the Christmas story.

We slept up at to parents and had our Christmas morning at their house, it was really fun for the kids, to "get" the Santa and present thing this year. We didnt even get them much since my mom and dad went all out spoiling everyone.
Our kids main gift from Eric and I were "tickets for the Disney boat" (Disney cruise that we took them on the week after Christmas)
AFter my parents house we went up to see Eric parents who had come into town and spend Christmas evening with them and the following day celebrating Erics dad birthday at Rodizio with everyone, for some reason I don't have pics... Lisa do you?? Sue?
We had a great Christmas week most importantly being together with the people we love.

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