Sunday, January 3, 2010

Company Christmas Party

Just got the picture back from our annual Christmas Party for Eric's office and once again, Ashlee Raubach has captured all the details perfectly. On December 18th we held the Christmas Party for all Eric's employees. Starting at our home for a little "mocktail" and passed hors d'oeuvres hour. The mocktails also included a white hot chocolate and spicy mayan hot chocolate. The food and drinks were amazing thanks to Culinary Crafts. Love them! And Rachel was so sweet, she knew how sick I had been and she came to my house and even helped my order flowers and decorate. It was so nice to have our home so festive.

Not that many of you care that much but here was the wonderful menu for our "mocktail hour"

passed hors d'oeuvres

Glazed Scallops

with Almond Caper Butter Sauce:

Crab and Gruyere Nachos

with Charred Tomato Salsa:

Razored Bison with Caramelized Onion

And Utah Goat Cheese on Bruschetta:

Mongolian BBQ Lamb Chop

with Chinese Mustard:

Seared Duck Breast

With Plum Compote on Won Ton Crisp

Barbecued Tandoori Shrimp


Snow Falling on Pines

Matcha powder, heavy cream, red sanding sugar

Rosy Cheeks

Grapefruit juice, cranberry, lime, and guave

White Ginger

white herb tea, grated ginger, white grape juice, white sugar rim

White hot chocolate with Homemade marshmallows, and Mayan Hot Cocoa

Now enough of the details on to the people we love and were appreciating for the night.... the employees.

The once all the mocktails had been sipped and everyone had arrived, we loaded up in all the limos waiting in our circle and headed up for our dinner at LaCaille. There is something nice about arriving and leaving together as a group, it makes it more of an event when people arent arriving late and leaving early which is why we like to do it that way. And LaCaille, what a gorgeous entrance and I have to say they have the most beautiful lights for Christmas, pulling in was so pretty.

Now, I was so nervous about LaCaille setting up all my decor and rentals, but I has no other choice they had another group in the Garden Room before us and I would have had no time to do it all myself, so I sent them drawings and diagrams and pictures and email after email to make sure they set it up exactly as I pictured. (i know, i am obsessive) And they did a really good job, only a small error of not setting enough seats at one table. (i survived)
I was going for winter wonderland and I think thats what we got....

The dinner was lovely, I heard the food was great, I didnt get to enjoy it much I started throwing up almost as soon as we arrived and didnt stop all night. But on a side note LaCaille has a pretty nice bathroom to be "sick" in. I have had much worse.

Kudos to Sax Romney on their lovely flowers, They were exactly what I imagined.

Awards time, Eric does such a great job of "appreciating" his employees, he gave out plaques and thank you's all night.

The rolex presentation to the Top Loan Officer of 2009, Chris Walker.

Desserts were lovely, the bananas foster flambe was pretty cool. I got the trip dessert with mini creme brulee, mini doughnuts (vignets...right?) and mini lava cake, its the one thing I kept down. Oh... so I think my baby girl likes sweets.

Then back to the limos for a ride back home. Wonderful night. Great food, and even better company. Thanks to all of Eric's employees, we love you! We hope the night was special for you also.

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