Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We cancelled our TRIP TO CABO!

Yes can you believe it? Hailey and I had our 2 year anniversary trip all planned out this weekend to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and a recent hurricane has caused us to cancel! Not to mention Hailey is really sick with MORNING SICKNESS. If you had not heard by now, YES SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN. We will tell you more about that in a minute. Back to this hurricane they are calling JOHN. It is still too early to tell what damage it will have caused but can you believe we could have been right in the middle of that mess?

We are currently thinking about traveling elsewhere this weekend so that we can still celebrate. We have a babysitter all lined up for Ady so we figure we may give it a try. We will have to tell you all about it after this weekend.

So as I said, Hailey is PREGNANT again and though she is still sick, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was on the first pregnancy with Adyson. She is due on the first week of April. Yippeee.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Wonderful time at Smoot Cabin in Wyoming

We went to the Smoot Cabin in Wyoming for three days last week and it was very fun. We were there Wed thru Fri (July 26-28 2006). If you can believe it Eric took 2 days off of work and it was well worth it. We enjoyed the entire day on Thursday at Flaming Gorge on the boat and we were out on the lake for 6 hrs! Probably the most amazing part about that is that little Adyson was on the boat the entire time and she was soooo good. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter and we are loving every moment of it. Some memorable events on the lake include knocking Hailey off the tube, seeing Shane and Stacey Smoot tube together and a little fiasco of seeing Breanna Smoot, Hailey’s littlest sister get flipped off the tube after convincing her Eric would go easy with her back there!
The cabin is so relaxing and fun. For those that have never been there just imagine being in the middle of miles and miles of untouched trees, mountains, streams etc way up in Wyoming. The cabin is very rustic with your typical deer mounted head, mountain line skin hangin on the wall, old snow shoes and skeys and a huge leather couch. There is a loft, old steal stove and range, lots of 4 wheelers and snow mobiles and just the opportunity to lay around and relax or go out and shoot guns at targets, play horseshoe, hike or whatever you want. We just love it there. Hailey especially loves it because there is no cell service or computers for Eric.
This trip was special because it was the first time Brady Smoot has got to really hang out with the entire family since Hailey and I were married and had a baby. Remember, Brady just got home from his mission not too long ago, less than a month even. As we have said before we look forward to many more years of fun and memories up there.
UPDATES ON ERIC, HAILEY and ADYEricEric has been busy at work and is excited to be working on a project in St George soon with Hailey’s Uncle Bryce Burns. Bryce will be developing a bunch of residential property in St George and has decided to allow Eric’s mortgage company be the “preferred lender.” Eric and Hailey are both busy with the Cub Scouting in their ward. Eric is enjoying Adyson’s new favorite word which is DADA. Eric is excited to have his good friend Aaron Shelton, a roommate from BYU; to come and vistit and stay with us for 2 days along with his wife Keturah and their brand new baby Austin
HaileyHailey is as busy as ever with Ady. You will see why when we update you on all that Ady has been doing lately. One of Hailey’s best friends, Danielle White has moved back to Utah from Las Vegas so this has really made Hailey happy. Another thing Hailey has been busy doing is visiting all her friends that are just having their first babies. She has had 2 friends have babies in the past month or so and a couple more are expecting. Hailey spends a lot more time on our scouting calling and is great at organizing events for the boys and getting them excited to pass off all their stuff. Hailey really wants to have another baby soon too so we will keep you posted on that.
AdyAdy keeps getting cuter and cuter each day of course and is finally really growing a lot. She is not just walking but tries to run around now and is a huge handful; but we love her. Her hair is now long enough for Hailey to give her 2 pig tails. She is still sleeping all through the night with NO PROBLEM at all and really loves reading, playing and her newest thing to do is pick up everything she can and carry to the closest person in the room and just give it all to them.
We hope you continue to use our site to see what we are up to and we cant wait to see you all soon.The Kandells