Sunday, September 27, 2009

"I don't golf... I spa"

So, my high school girlfriends and I have a private blog, that we chat about whatever we want on, it's been a fun way to keep in touch. We also are pretty good about getting together for dinners now and then, but we decided we really needed to plan a weekend away together. So, back in like the Spring we decided we would plan a girls weekend. We decided to make it easy and cheap we would just go down and stay in my St George house. It was so hard to pick a weekend that could work for everyone. Since Chelsey moves away for the whole summer it had to be after August, buti t had to be a weekend Lindsey could fly in from Chicago.... blah blah blah ... so we settled on a date that 10 of us could do.
Yeah, all that pre-planning was in vain cuz one by one our flakey friends flaked out until only 4 of us were left (2 backed out within 24 hours of departure time) and its funny cuz if we planned something with only a couple weeks notice we probably would have had the same girls go so next time I am NOT planning 6 months ahead. It was just me, Andrea, Lindsey and Kristin.
But, we still had the best time ever. Really, the best. The ride down to St. George felt like only 20 minutes since we had the best conversation topics. Really, it was the best drive to St George I have ever taken. Then in St George we went out for yummy Thai food, watched Chick Flicks, ate treats, gossiped (a girls trip requirement... don't judge), laughed, reminised, and my favorite part was when we were terrorized by the tiniest spider Lindsey swore was huge and we made the prego girl kill. Only with your High School girlfriends could a spider in a closet create 45 mins of entertainment. It was the best. I really miss getting to see the girls. Wish I got to more often. Dang our busy lives and schedules.

Then on Saturday we ate breakfast at the yummy Bear Paw (more stories, laughing and stupid matching facebook status updates) then we got ready and drove the 2 hours to Vegas. We had the best lunch at Pink Taco in the Hard Rock (my favorite place for mexican) Then since we had got tickets to Le Reve at the Wynn so we hung out at the mall a bit, saw the show and ate a delicious dinner at Spago. So great. Then we drove back to St George to go to bed.

I love these girls and I loved every minute of getting together with them. Next year though since we now know who is really gonna show up let's go somewhere more exotic.... yes??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking forward to Fall

Not sure why I am writing this morning. Maybe because I got to work at 7:15 am after having done some "boot camp" at 6 am. Anyway the sun is shining, the mountains are looking great, and I feel relaxed for once. It is odd but being a bit healthier seems to relax me a bit. Anyway I just enjoyed the cooler weather and the smell of fall.

When I think of fall I think of pumpkins, leaves, fires, fairs.............

Anyway, kind of a pointless post but just wanted to chime in for once. My wife is great, my kids are growing up way too fast and I am looking forward to having my parents in town this week coming up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

State Fair

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating being Maui-ed

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary Eric and I decided to take a little trip with the kids. We thought of a few fun places to go, maybe back to Bora Bora where we honeymooned (but that flight with kids would most likely be too much craziness for us), maybe somewhere we had never been before. But,we decided on Maui, Hawaii. Because since we have been married it was one of our favorite places we have been with kids. And again, it did not disappoint. Weather... perfect. Sights... amazing. Food... the best. We loved it.

We stayed in lovely Wailea. Right on the beach, so our days were basically the same, breakfast, pool, beach, nap.

Saturday night we attended a Luau. The kids were pumped for their Hawaiian tattoos, and Ady got up on stage for a hula lesson and Max is still talking about the fire dancer.

SInce we brought the kids along for our "romantic" anniversary, we got a sitter one night at went to dinner at Nick's Fish Market at a hotel nearby. It was a beautiful night and it was nice to be with just Eric, we exchanged cards and took a long time eating.

The kids were completely happy everyday just staying at the resort, they loved the kiddie pool. slide, beach, kids toys... everything.



We had since a great time (except for the flight home....) so I am sure we will be back again soon. Ady asked me the next day after we got home when she woke up in her own bed, "I thought we were going to live in the hotel house in hawaii now"
Sorry Ady Bug. I wish we could too.