Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating being Maui-ed

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary Eric and I decided to take a little trip with the kids. We thought of a few fun places to go, maybe back to Bora Bora where we honeymooned (but that flight with kids would most likely be too much craziness for us), maybe somewhere we had never been before. But,we decided on Maui, Hawaii. Because since we have been married it was one of our favorite places we have been with kids. And again, it did not disappoint. Weather... perfect. Sights... amazing. Food... the best. We loved it.

We stayed in lovely Wailea. Right on the beach, so our days were basically the same, breakfast, pool, beach, nap.

Saturday night we attended a Luau. The kids were pumped for their Hawaiian tattoos, and Ady got up on stage for a hula lesson and Max is still talking about the fire dancer.

SInce we brought the kids along for our "romantic" anniversary, we got a sitter one night at went to dinner at Nick's Fish Market at a hotel nearby. It was a beautiful night and it was nice to be with just Eric, we exchanged cards and took a long time eating.

The kids were completely happy everyday just staying at the resort, they loved the kiddie pool. slide, beach, kids toys... everything.



We had since a great time (except for the flight home....) so I am sure we will be back again soon. Ady asked me the next day after we got home when she woke up in her own bed, "I thought we were going to live in the hotel house in hawaii now"
Sorry Ady Bug. I wish we could too.

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