Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas in Ohio

We are back from ohio and had a wonderful time! We spent a week with Grandpa and Grandma Kandell and Adyson’s Aunt and Uncle, Lisa and Steve Lovell. See our pictures in the gallery

Christmas morning we went to Eric’s parents ward in Rootstown, Ohio and enjoyed all the musical numbers and talks about being grateful for everything we have been blessed with during the Christmas season. After returning from church we went home and had our “Christmas.” The pictures are great! Adyson loved chewing on all the wrapping paper. She has her first 2 front teeth coming in, so she loves chewing everything.

Christmas was great. Eric’s mom made him an amazing photo album of him and all his Marsh cousins from the time they were just babies, all the way up til their marriages. It truly is an amazing scrap book she made. Hailey loved playing with her nephew Easton Lovell and believe it or not, she is thinking she is about ready for another baby! Well not quite yet, but maybe later this year. The food was great as always at the Kandells and Grandpa Jim made his famous shrimp cocktail a couple times.

The 28th of December is always a special day because Jim Kandell, Shane Smoot and Grandma Hatch all have birthdays this day. On the 28th we went out to an amazing steak house for Jim’s birthday. We look forward to doing the same with Shane now that we are back in Utah.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Eric's 30th Birthday

Wow! Can you believe Eric is 30 years old? Hailey sure helped me celebrate in style. On Friday 16th of Dec, she surprised me with a great dinner at the Sundance Resort Tree Room. We stayed the night in the Apsen #2 cabin and it was great. Sundance is a beautiful place anytime of the year, but especially beautiful during the winter.

The next morning when we woke up Hailey surprised me yet again with a fabulous massage at the famous Sundance Spa! I guess Hailey didn’t want me growing too old too fast!

In addition to the wonderful time at Sundance, the Smoot’s threw a huge Japanese Food party for me later that weekend. I am not kidding when I say Shane must have tempura fried 10 lbs of food. We had a birthday/Christmas gift exchange with Hailey’s family that night too! We will be posting all sorts of pictures from Sundance and the Smoot exchange in the Gallery very shortly.

I can’t forget my wonderful Mom and Dad Kandell either. I recieved the sweetest gift from them. It was a framed note that I wrote in elementary school to a teacher that I had been bad for. It was this little apology letter and my mom says she sent it to me to help me remember where I came from.

Hailey and I are heading home for Christmas on the 23rd. We are going to fly into Vegas on the 23rd and spend a quick night there.Then the next morning we will fly into Ohio! Get ready Grandma and Grandpa Kandell! Oh and Lisa and Steve Lovell will be there with our nephew Easton also.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eric is Turning 30!

Eric is TURNING THIRTY. For all those that RSVPed we are having a SUSHI get together at the house at 7 pm. This is just kind of a Christmas get together before everyone is off doing family stuff. See ya there

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Time is Flying

We can’t believe that November has passed us by already! It has been a very busy time for us. Thanksgiving was awesome this year. We celebrated Thanksgiving SMOOT style, which means tons of people and lots of good food. We had the Thanksgiving meal at the church’s “this is the place park.” Hailey’s grandparents Stan and Mary Ellen Smoot purchased the land and built and amazing historical building on this piece of property and gave it to the church. Well, this is where we had a huge feast and lots of good times. As we always do, we remind you to look at the pictures in our gallery, you will definetlely love the picture of Adyson dressed as a turkey.

After spending the afternoon at the “this is the place park,” we drove up to Wyoming to spend a couple days at the Smoot cabin. We love going there and can’t wait until Adyson can truly enjoy all the wonderful things up there. There are miles and miles of snowmobiling and four wheeling trails, trees and lakes galore, and we even saw two huge mooses the last time that we went up there. This Thanksgiving weekend we got the snow mobiles out and it was a great time.

You will also notice in our gallery that Adyson in now eating real food. Well I am not sure how real it is, but you do buy it at the store. It appears that Hailey has the mother’s touch when it comes to feeding her, because when I try, the food somehow ends up all over the place (Adyson that is.)

We are looking forward to Christmas this year and are going to be flying to Ohio to visit with Eric’s parents, grandpa and grandma Kandell. The Kandell grandparents are very excited because both Adyson and her cousin Easton Lovell will be staying for a whole week! Eric will be turning the BIG 30 in December can you believe it?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Disney World a Blast

We took Adyson to Disney World in October and she loved it! At least we hope she did. You will have check out the new pictures in our Gallery and decide for yourself.

We hope you are enjoying our NEW and IMPROVED website; it is MUCH FASTER!

Our trip was a ton of fun and quite the adventure. Hailey and I had the responsability to take her 2 little sisters and her younger brothers all the way to Tampa by ourselves! Oh and don’t forget Adyson was along for the treck too. Once in Tampa we rented a mini van and drove out the historic Biltmore Hotel and stayed there and visited the beach for 2 days. It was a ton of fun.

Too bad I don’t have pictues, but Hailey’s brother’s Spencer and Austin and I captured a big old JELLY FISH in a plastic bag! It was sweet. We love eating sushi every time we travel; it has become almost custom. We introduced Hailey’s brothers and sisters to the art of RAW FISH and they actually like it. Ask Austin how it tastes after spitting it out and then eating it again just because you want to prove you can.

Well after a couple of days in Tampa, Hailey’s parents, Shane and Stacy met up with us in Orlando (we drove the mini van there) at Disney World. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Fort Wilderness Cabins . see the cabins by clicing here.

I have not been to Disney for probably 20 yrs and I was amazed what a fun place it was. We were able to board a large boat right at our camp resort and then go across this large lagoon surrounded by Disney Parks and we could get off at any one we wanted. We rode rides, relaxed and really had a blast. Hailey and I enjoyed the Tower of Terror the most of all! The cabins we stayed in were great too. They were roomy, secluded and even came with full kitchens. We will for sure have to take Ady back when she is old enough to remember it.

Well as always come back often and enjoy our site.
Love The Kandells

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jettsetter Ady

Adyson traveled to visit Grandpa and Grandma Kandell in Ohio and had a wonderful time. We are not sure who had more fun, Adyson or her Grandparents? We have all sorts of new pictures from her Ohio trip in our gallery!

We are amazed at how wonderful it is to travel with her. She is less than 3 months old and has flown to LA and back and has also been all the way across country to ohio and she loves flying. You should see the look people give us when they see they have the unfortunate event of sitting next to a baby on the plane. It is awesome because Hailey looks right at them and says “Oh dont worry she never cries!” They are probably thinking oh ya right, but before long they are all wanting to play with her and can’t believe how good she really is.

Probably the best part about our trip to Ohio was to see Grandpa and Grandma Kandell. Grandma Kandell got to take a morning walk with Adyson and give her a warm bath in the sink! We were all amazed at how much fun Grandpa Jim had with Ady as well. I think she was fascinated with his hairy arms! Anyway she defintely loved being held by Grandpa.

She is growing so fast! She is holding her own head up very well as you can see in almost all the new pictures, she loves “tummy time” and she amazingly sleeps all the way through the night now. Oh and on the 2nd of Oct she actually rolled on her own from her stomach to her back! She did it two times in a row. I think she gets her physical abilities from her dad! Ha Ha her mom is actually in much better shape than me!

Speaking of Jetsetting, we are all flying to Florida very soon to visit Mickey Mouse! Yes that is right, we are going to Disney World. The exciting part is that Hailey and I are traveling down by ourselves with Ady and all of Hailey’s brothers and sisters. There are 4 of them going with us! Hailey’s parents will be meeeting up with us a couple days into the trip.


Friday, September 2, 2005

Ady Goes to the Doctor

Our family has really enjoyed the last 10 weeks. Everything is measured in weeks right now since Adyson is the center of all we do. She had her 2 month Dr. visit and got 4 shots in one visit! Needless to say it wasn’t all that fun. She is the 60th percentile for her weight and weighs 11 lbs 10 oz. She was in the 50th percentile for her length and is 22 inches long. If you want to see how much she has grown go check out her latest pics in our gallery!

Hailey has started getting really excited about losing all of pregnancy weight. I don’t really think she needs to lose any but she is all gung ho and has started working out like crazy with a personal trainer. She has been so sore she can barely walk down the stairs! She of course loves doing everything she can with Adyson. It seems no matter where we are or what we are doing, Hailey always has Ady dressed all up and pretty. I must admit we do have a beautiful little baby.

I have been super busy with work for the past 5 months! After leaving my job at New Freedom Mortgage last year, I started a new mortgage company with a new partner and it has been a great opportunity. The only draw back is that my business partner has an office that we use in Heber City, Utah which requires me to commute about 25 minutes each way. I know I know for most people this is normal, but remember my old office was about 30 seconds away!

Well, we sure hope you all enjoy the site as much as we do and hope you shoot us emails when you can and please keep in touch. We still enjoy traveling and if you haven’t talked to us about our travel agent hook up, then you need to. We are going to Disney World in a month with the Smoot Family and were able to get a full 50% off for all of us. Until the next website update, have fun!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Two Weeks as Parents

We have completed our first 2 weeks as New Parents!

Being parents has been more fun and rewarding than either of us had ever thought possible. Hailey is the most wonderful mom for Adyson. They have so much fun together. Eventhough we have an almost perfect little baby girl, at those times when she does get just a bit fussy, sure enough Hailey can quickly calm her down. Hailey loves Adyson and every single day she dresses her so cute and has a blast doing it. They have even had a chance to go shopping together. I (dad) am hoping Adyson doesn’t start liking to shop for a while! Ha ha, if she takes after her mom she will LOVE IT!

My favorite thing has to be coming home from work each day and seeing my little baby girl so happy and pretty. I sware I really think she is the cutest baby ever born. Who would have ever guessed that Hailey and I could have created such a pretty little baby? There is nothing better than coming home from work so tired and stressed out and just letting Adyson fall asleep with me on my chest. You will have to look at our new pictures in the gallery! Try using the slide show feature when looking at the pictures in the gallery.

Well we hope you enjoy this site and come back and look for updates and new pictures as often as you would like. We generally make changes to the site on Saturdays.


Adyson is growing up way too fast!

On aug 7, 2005 Adyson Rose Kandell was given a father’s blessing in church by Eric of course. It was a wonderful blessing and a great day. After church Adyson and all her friends and family came over to our house to celebrate her big day. You can see some pictures of this day in our gallery!

Hailey and I are so happy to have a healthy and fun baby like Ady, but we are so nervous that she is growing up so fast. She is starting to show her personality and is even looking older each day. As a matter of fact, Adyson smiled for the first time at Hailey today! (8-14-05)
As you can tell from her photos in the gallery, she seems to be getting redder hair each day. Hailey is a bit nervous, but I told her that all red heads are perfect!

We look forward to getting emails from all of you so feel free to drop us a note whenever.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Adyson is Born!

Adyson Rose Kandell, Born July 7, 2005 at 7:22 am. She weighs 8lbs and 6oz and is 19.5 inches long! Oh and We LOVE HER!

Make sure to go look at her newest pictures in our gallery! If you use the slideshow function it goes through all the pictures much quicker!

Well where do I start? My admiration for Hailey just went straight through the roof. Nothing could have prepared me for such a long and intense night! I don’t want to focus on the hard and difficult part, but man oh man did Hailey work so hard!

I recieved a phone call at work on 7-6-05 around noon saying I better hurry up and get to the hospital because the Dr. wanted to induce Hailey. We were so excited! Well we both new it was going to be a long haul but hey it felt like Christmas Eve. Well by about midnight or so things were starting to get interesting. Hailey was dialated but not real far, the labor pains were getting more intense but she was doing pretty good. Sometime about then, (bear with me, I haven’t slept still and everything kinda blurred together at some point) Hailey recieved her 1st epideral. Yes I said FIRST! To make a long story short, basically Hailey delivered Adyson as close to NATURAL as you can. Her body would not take the epideral and the pains were so intense at times that I almost couldn’t bare it. Hailey worked through it though and once she was fully dialated it took about an hour or so of pushing and then the ABSOLUTE MOST WONDERFUL FEELING I can explain happened! Adyson was born and…….

Honestly how do you explain that? You have to be a parent to understand but it was something that I have never felt before, excited, relieved, scared, happy, inadequate, pride all at once. All I know is ADYSON is beautiful! She has large cheeks and her eyes are huge and so loving! She is BIG! You should see the baby fat rolls on her thighs!

Well we can’t wait to get MOMMY and Adyson home as soon as possible. Trust us, this site will now officially be the site of daily Adyson pictures so look at it often.

Thanks to all who supported us throughout these last 9 months! It has all been worth it!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Daughter is Coming in July

Can You Believe Our Daughter Will be Here JULY?
Make sure you check her out in our gallery whenever you would like.

It is amazing for us to see how much Hailey has changed in the past 7 1/2 months! It is an absloute miracle to see how her body adapts to our growing daughter. I know she will be the best MOM our daughter could get. Make sure to check out the pictures of Adyson’s (that is what we are naming our baby) nursery in our gallery.

We cannot wait to be parents. We had a wonderful Memorial Day BBQ at our house on monday and once again Eric and Chris Walker went undefeated in the annual badminton competition. Just ask Hailey how cute Eric is when he plays badminton. Well just in case you are wondering Adyson’s due date is July 9th and Hailey and I are both hoping maybe she will come a bit early. We have chosen to name her Adyson Rose Kandell. Rose is in memory of Jim Kandell’s (Eric’s dad) mother Rose Mary Kandell. We have added some new pictures to our gallery so go look at those if you haven’t already.

One last piece of information, Jim and Sue Kandell have gone in with Eric and Hailey and are buying a vacation/retirement home in SUNNY ST GEORGE UTAH. No Eric is not retiring for another few years but Jim and Sue are about ready. This is going to be awesome. Jim and Sue hope to come out here in the cooler winter months and spend time with their grandchildren and enjoy the weather. Hailey and Eric are excited to have the home for a place to go and relax when they just need to get away from the fast paced life in Happy Valley Provo, Utah!
We hope you enjoy this site.

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Adyson is Coming!

This week was Amazing!!!

We got the most awesome 3D ULTRASOUND PHOTOS of BABY ADYSON.
You can go see them right now in our gallery

We just returned from a fun filled weekend at the Smoot Family cabin in Wyoming. It is only about a 2.5 hour drive from Provo and is well worth it! What is so great about the cabin is that you are very secluded. It sits on 35 acres, well that is what Hailey’s family owns; there are thousands of acres that you can explore. We got there late thursday night and then went to flaming Gorge most of the day Friday. You will have to look at the flaming gorge pictures also in our gallery. Anyways back to the cabin. There are four-wheelers which you can jump on and just cruise for miles; we went exploring and found one of many little lakes that surround the area. The girls (Hailey’s little sisters) even found a pound nearby and we spent the day building a fort! We did smores by the bom fire later that night. While Hailey and her mom were exploring on four wheelers, (dont worry they stayed on the paths and went slow because Hailey is almost ready to deliver) they found a fox den. There were little baby red foxes about the size of small dogs that were wrestling and rolling around near a huge pile of sticks and logs right off the dirt road. They came and got the girls and I from building our fort and when we got there the mom fox had shown up. It was awesome, she was a large fox with a big fluffy tail and she just stared at us from about 100 yds up on a big hill. Between the Kandell Family retreat(Jim and Sue’s home in Ohio)and the Smoot family cabin, our kids are going to have a blast!

Just a little more news while you are here. The St. George house that Hailey and I were buying with my parents, fell through due to a crazy seller! Anyways we are getting ready to put another offer on a house in the same area so check back for new pictures of that house soon.

Well it is less than a month to go and we will be PARENTS!

That is scary. I’ll tell you what though, as scary as it seems Hailey and are so excited we cannot wait.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mexico Trip, March 2005

We Just got back from MEXICO! Make sure you check it out in our gallery whenever you would like. Almost everyone we talked to lately, has told us to try and take one more RELAXING and exotic vacation before our first baby is born so we gladly took them up on it and planned a trip to MEXICO! Hailey pretty much planned the trip and got me committed to going and we decided to go to the Riviera Maya, which is about 1.5 hrs south of cancun. We stayed at two different resorts. They were all-inclusive resorts by PALACE RESORTS. The firt half of our week trip we stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace. This was an all adults resort that had 6 different restraunts, a HUGE HUGE Spa, many pools, a beach front lagoon and lots of cool activities. Hailey and I mostly enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and SPA treatments we got here. In our pictures you can see one of the little bungalows on the ocean that we got a half hour couples massage in! The food was absolutely wonderful. We had our choice of T-bones, filets, sushi, salads, tropical fruits and I could go on and on. I think i might be bigger than Hailey now from all the food I ate. probably the best part was that we got a FREE UPGRADE to the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. The suite was all the way on the beach front and was probably a good 800 to 1000 square feet. It was Awesome! I am trying to learn how to upload videos to this site so when I do you can get a private tour of our suite! Check back soon.

Our second part of the trip was at the XPU-HA palace. This was an awesome family type resort that we would love to go to sometime in the future with any of you family. The kids would love this place. Heck, we loved it! There were all sorts of exotic animals and fish with tons of jungly type atmosphere. We stayed in little bungalows right on the side of a freshwater river that ran the length of the resort. It really was like living in the jungle. This resort also had tons of beach front and pools etc. Well we absolutely loved the trip and hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Past Stories

We had a wonderful Christmas and Great New Year. Please feel free to check out our Christmas 2004 album in the gallery!

We spent our first Christmas morning down in Provo at our home and then went to Centerville to spend time with the Smoots. Perhaps the highligh of everyone’s day was speaking to Brady AKA Elder Smoot #1. It was so cool to hear all of his stories and especially his Testimony in Russian. We are so proud of him. There were many other highlights too. Eric would have to say playing with his new sisters was the BEST. We got to spend the day relaxing and eating!!!
For NEW YEARS we went to the Brand New Smoot cabin in Wyoming!!! Man this place is like something out of a old Christmas movie or something. It sits on about 35 acres and has so many trees it is amazing. We spent time snow mobiling and wrecking snow mobiles too! Luckily no one got hurt. It will be great to go up there in the spring and do some major exploring!

We are still anxiously awaiting to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. We seem to go back and forth all the time trying to determine what we will have. For now we are just happy that Hailey is finally overcoming her morning sickness and just pray for a healthy baby no matter what we have!