Sunday, August 14, 2005

Adyson is growing up way too fast!

On aug 7, 2005 Adyson Rose Kandell was given a father’s blessing in church by Eric of course. It was a wonderful blessing and a great day. After church Adyson and all her friends and family came over to our house to celebrate her big day. You can see some pictures of this day in our gallery!

Hailey and I are so happy to have a healthy and fun baby like Ady, but we are so nervous that she is growing up so fast. She is starting to show her personality and is even looking older each day. As a matter of fact, Adyson smiled for the first time at Hailey today! (8-14-05)
As you can tell from her photos in the gallery, she seems to be getting redder hair each day. Hailey is a bit nervous, but I told her that all red heads are perfect!

We look forward to getting emails from all of you so feel free to drop us a note whenever.

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