Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our June

This month has gone by so fast we can hardley believe it! The summer months always seems to come and go too quickly. This past few weeks we have been enjoying the nice weather, swimming at the Country Club, running around in the backyard, going on bike rides ect. It has been great. We even went down to our St. George house last weekend to pick up the kids bike trailer. Boy was it hot down there, like 101 by 10 in the morning. But both the kids enjoyed going to the Aquatic Center while we were there. Max and Ady have been doing some serious swimming over the past weeks, we are hoping to make Max into a water baby like his sister Adyson.Adyson also started going to preschool 2 days a week at Montessori Learning Center in Lindon, she was hesitant at first but now she goes with a smile and has fun palying with her new little friends. Ady also has her birthday coming up in the next couple weeks, we are going to be hosting a little Mexican Fiesta at our house with piniatas and fun stuff on July 14th (one week after her actual birthday). She is still doing so well with her talking she is even trying to help us at night say prayers, she thinks she is pretty big stuff now days.Max is still a tank, a tank that keeps getting bigger. He has been liking going swimming, he thinks the water is pretty neat. Also he is now even starting to sleep well at night. he goes to be about 10 pm most nights and wakes up between 5-6 am to eat then goes back to bed until 8 am. A WONDERFUL schedule. Every now and then he wakes up more than that but he has been pretty consistant. Which his mother very much appreciates. His new thing for the past few weeks has been thumb sucking, he always is trying to find his thumb to suck it, it even is what puts him to sleep for naps and night time. He is getting to be such a fun age.Eric and I are also doing well. we are enjoying the kids and the good weather and Eric, as always is loving working.We will write again soon, enjoy your summer!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend and Maxwell's Blessing

I really feel like such a slacker to be combining these 2 events into one entry, but life is so busy lately. Ok, so I will start with our wonderful memorial Day weekend that we spent in sunny Kent, Ohio. We had such an awesome trip. The Thursday before Memorial Day we flew out to Ohio. Max did well for his first flight, except for throwing up and soaking by shirt right before take off. Yuck! Then the whole weekend we spent lounging by the Kandell pool, fishing in the pond, cruising around on the golf cart and playing with all the Marsh cousins. Ady thought that she was in kid heaven. She even liked to go and see the donkeys in the barn, or the “dontdees”. It was so much fun for all of us. On Sunday Sue and Jim had a huge BBQ at the house, inviting family, neighbors, and Eric’s high school friends. There was a lot of food and the kids had the best time just running around all together. Then on Memorial Day, that monday we headed back home, but first Eric woke up at 6 am to go fishing with his friend Craig Waller out at Muzzy Lake (just like in the old days). We can’t wait until we can go back again!

Then this past weekend on June 3, 2007, Maxwell Shane Kandell was given a name and a blessing by his daddy, Eric Kandell. It was a great day, we had a lot of friends and family come to the lessing and had a big get together at the house afterward, with a ton of yummy food. Max’s grandpa Shane, who max’s middle name is after was able to take part in the blessing. It was just a great day.

Everything else at the Kandell house has been going well. Ady is finished with swim lessons now, and looking forward to using what she has learned in the pool this summer. She is talking better and better everyday, it seems like she knows a new word or phrase all the time. She is one smart little cookie. Max is continuing to grow and grow, and it is no wonder if you knew how much he nurses. Seriously, he is always camped out in my arms. He is in the 95 percentile for his weight and height, at his 2 month appointment this past week he was 24.5 inches long and 13 lbs.11 oz. A total chunk! He still is not sleeping super well yet, waking up 1-2 times per night, not bad but not great. But he is becoming a smiley little boy. It’s hard to complain about him waking up when he smiles at you so much. We still cannot tell who he looks like. Sometimes he looks a little like Adyson, sometimes like a Smoot baby. Its hard to tell. Eric an I are also doing great. We are just loving being with our kids. We are so blessed and just love seeing our family grow.