Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a rainy Saturday

So Hailey is on her way to General Womens Conference and I am at home with both kids. We went to the mall today since it was a cold and rainy saturday and we had a lot of fun. We had lunch at PF Changs and believe it or not both kids were really easy to handle while we ate. It isn't like they are ever too hard to handle, but this was just a really relaxing lunch.

It is amazing the palate that Ady is developing though. You know how they come out and make your dipping sauce and ask you if you want it mild, medium, hot or KILLER? Well we told her to go just over medium, thinking this would keep Adyson from dipping into it. Anyway it didn't. She was all over it and even was fighting me for some of my hot and sour soup and tofu. If you did not already know, she loves sushi and downs the pickled ginger. We have not let her venture off into wasabi yet but I am sure she will soon.

Max just chilled in the stroller and took some juice from the bottle while hailey held it in his mouth. I asked her if she wanted me to hold the bottle a bit and she said actually that she had not even realized that she was holding it. I sware she is like super mom!

So then we just strolled around the mall a bit while Ady walked around behind us singing "Im going on a bear hunt and Im not scared" and told everyone she passed "hi". So anyway we came back home and relaxed a bit and now here I am all alone waiting til the 2 kids get up from their naps. I wonder what the night will bring????? Just dad, the kids and rain!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eric's first "new" entry

So Hailey finally got this thing up and running again! We used to add to our family site all the time and then just kind of got out of the habit of it. Things have been really busy in our life lately. My work is always so cyclical and we are on one of our insane up trends at this time. Believe it or not I have a loan officer that brought a mattress to work last week and slept in his office so he could take new loan apps at any hour of the night or morning! NOT NORMAL by the way.

I hope to keep up better this time and look forward to keeping in touch with all of you that visit our site regularly. Stay in touch.

Some good times...

Thumb Sucker

I love that Max sucks this thumb, first I loved it when he was about 3 months old because if he would ever wake up in the night he would just suck his thumb until he fell back to sleep. Now I love it because it is so cute. When I nurse or bottle feed him as soon as he wants to be done he just pulls his fat little thumb up to his mouth and switches to sucking on it. Yesterday night we were all getting dinner ready and Ady was playing with her cousin Easton and it was a little chaotic in our kitchen and Max was just sitting there in his BUMBO seat watching us and sucking his thumb, prefectly content, and I looked at Eric on this cell phone and Adyson singing "Happy birthday to Ady" as loud as she could over her cousin Easton's yelling, and I was like wow, my house would be so peaceful if i could just get Eric and Ady to suck their thumbs too. Too bad they dont.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ok so this is just a random post talking about the stuff we have done over the past couple weeks. This is Ady pushing Max in the stroller over Labor Day weekend we went down to our St. George house with our friends Aaron (nomo) and Ashley and their little baby Ava and Ashley's little girl Brea, we even went in th Vegas one day to take the kids to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.

The other picture is of Ady riding a ride at The Utah State Fair, one of our favorite traditions, Ad loved seeing the animals, and eating tons of junk food and riding the rides, we went with Nate Burt, one of Eric's employees and his 3 kids and wife, it was really fun!

The last weekend we went up to Park City and did the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster with the Smoots (my fam), it was tons of fun and since summer is over their were no lines, we just walked right on... It was aweosme, My mom watched max so i could do the Coaster and it was totally fun. Ady loved the Alpine Slide too, she rode with Eric and had a blast.

It's time to start blogging....

ok, our normal family webpage has been under construction and not working for awhile so for now we are going to be bloggers until we figure out what is up with it...
The summer has been great for our family. Max and Ady had a great summer and are getting ot be best little friends. They are so fun. I am going to post some pics of them since I havent posted pics of my kids in forever on our website. So enjoy!!