Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thumb Sucker

I love that Max sucks this thumb, first I loved it when he was about 3 months old because if he would ever wake up in the night he would just suck his thumb until he fell back to sleep. Now I love it because it is so cute. When I nurse or bottle feed him as soon as he wants to be done he just pulls his fat little thumb up to his mouth and switches to sucking on it. Yesterday night we were all getting dinner ready and Ady was playing with her cousin Easton and it was a little chaotic in our kitchen and Max was just sitting there in his BUMBO seat watching us and sucking his thumb, prefectly content, and I looked at Eric on this cell phone and Adyson singing "Happy birthday to Ady" as loud as she could over her cousin Easton's yelling, and I was like wow, my house would be so peaceful if i could just get Eric and Ady to suck their thumbs too. Too bad they dont.

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