Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kandell Happenings...

All continues to go well at the Kandell Household, we are enjoying our 2 growing kids. Max is getting so big already and it’s no wonder with his every 2 hour eating schedule. He is starting to be awake more during the day… and the night, and when he is awake he loves to hold his head up and look around with his huge blue eyes just like Ady did. He is so sweet. He just turned 4 weeks this past Saturday, and time is just flying by. Adyson is adjusting well to her little brother; she still loves to love him, but she is learning to give home space too. Ady just statred this past week her Survival Swim course. She has private 10 minute swim lessons every morning for the next 3 weeks so she can learn to float on her back, put her face int he water and know what to do if she ever fell in a pool or pond or whatever. She did not like her first few lessons but she is starting warm up to them and her teacher. Eric continues to stay busy at work, though he says they have slowed down some, yet it seems like he goes in earlier now and struggles to get home on time. I guess he just loves to work. The weather he in Utah is starting to get more and more like summer. This weekend actually it got all the way up to almost 85 degrees and it is not even May yet. We hope to start putting more entries on our site so that we can keep track of all the wonderful memories that we are having as a family. We took a nice Sunday afternoon walk today and we passed a family of at least 6 kids and they asked us how we were doing and Eric said, “well we are trying to keep up with you guys but have a ways to go!” Yes Eric is still stuck on having 8 kids! Well we hope you all are doing well and look forward to seeing many of you soon and just keeping in touch.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Weekend, and Baby Max at Home

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a Happy Easter and a nice weekend. We are doing great. Baby Max is home and doing very well. He seems to be a sweet and content baby just like Adyson was. Except he eats a lot more. This past Easter weeekend was fun for our family. On Saturday Eric and Adyson went up to North Salt Lake for the Smoot Easter egg hunt in Eaglewood. They had a lot of fun collecting eggs and seeing the family. Max and I stayed home cuz we didnt think going out would be a good idea yet. Then that night Grandpa Jim Kandell came into town to meet Max and spend Easter. Sunday Ady got to hunt for her easter basket from the Easter bunny, then ate way to much chocolate before going to church with Daddy, and Jim and Sue. After church the Lovells came over for Easter dinner. We hid tons of eggs in the backyard and Easton and Ady got to go around and collect them. They had a ton of fun. We are very much enjoying the newest member of our little family. He will be 2 weeks old this weekend and is already adjusting to our home and everything very well. Ady wants to be his little mommy, he loves him so much and wants to kiss and cuddle him all day. At first it was cute now it is getting to be a little much, we have to remind her she can’t lay or lean on him. Poor Max is being very patient with all the love he is recieving from her. Eric is staying busy at work and enjoying his calling as Elders Quorum President still. I am recovering very well from the birth (its a breeze compared to last time) and I am even getting used to my new less-sleep schedule. I am lucky I have 2 good kids who are making the transition from 1 to 2 easier for me. We will post our easter weekend pics on here tomorrow. Love you all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Introducing Baby Max

On March 31st at 12:28 pm Maxwell Shane Kandell was born. Let me explain a little about how Max came to be born about two weeks early. Friday the 30th of March Hailey had a bad headache the entire day. Well, actually the day before she had just been told to go on strict bed rest for having high blood pressure. You see she had this same situation with our daughter Adyson’s pregnancy also. So Thursday the Dr, had told her to spend the rest of the time (about 2 wks) laying on her side and to rest, because her blood pressure was too high.

All day Friday (the next day) she was calling me at work telling me she had a bad headhache and that as soon as I got home from work we were going to have to go to the hospital to get it checked out. They had just told us the day before that that if Hailey was having any serious head aches and some other symptons, that we were to come back to the hospital immediately. Well I came home right at 5 pm on Friday the 30th and she was not looking that good so I said we need to take off right now. My mom, Sue is in town so she watched Ady and Hailey and I went to the hospital. When we got there, our Dr., Dr Gordon just happened to be there working with some patients. Well they hooked Hailey up the monitors and sure enough her blood pressure was so high it was “scary.” Dr. Gordon came in and said “well you are going to have your baby today.” He smiled and told us that it was not worth waiting any longer and to get ready for a long night.

Well, needless to say we were excited, yet Hailey was really worried because this was like deja vu with Ady’s birth and for any one that has not heard, that birth was the sort of stuff you would see in a scary movie. With Ady, the epidural didn’t work and Hailey was in labor for ever! So when you are induced into labor, things are a bit more difficult and take a bit longer than if you were to just go into labor on your own. I won’t go into too many details, however, we were told they would start getting her ready to deliver and that they would check back on us in 6 hours. So from about 6 pm til around midnight or so it was just a long wait. The wait would not have been that bad, but because of the high blood pressure she had to have Magnesium Sulphate pumped through her body via an IV. Basically this is a chemical that can poison you and make you toxic if not monitored correctly. The nurse explained that it needed to be done to reduce the likelihood of seisures from the high blood pressure. The worst thing about the magnesium is that it makes your whole body get all out of whack, and you suffer from nausea, fever, restlessness and just plain feel like junk. Hailey had to stay on this for 12 hours after the baby was born even!

Well at about 1 am Hailey was given Potasun which induces strong contractions and speeds up labor. So for about 6 hours prior to really getting the labor going she was just out of it on this magnesium stuff. She was given her epidural which WORKED THIS TIME! So we were able to sleep til about 8 am, at which time Dr, Gordon came and and checked on her and had her water broken and from here on out, things started to move much faster. By 11:30 am Hailey was ready to get good old Max out of there and only had to push for about 30 mins to crown and then 5 times to get him out.

As a spectator, (Well I participated too) I can’t explain how amazing it is to see a child be born. Not just to see a child born, but to see your own son come into the world is truly an amazing thing. We are so excited to have 2 kids now. We took our first family picture at the hospital and realized that we are really starting to grow a large family and now we have four of us. We are happy to finally have some pictures on line for you to all see. Leave us your comments and let us know who you thing he looks like. We thank all of our friends and family for your support and cant wait to see you all soon.

Love the Kandells