Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kandell Happenings...

All continues to go well at the Kandell Household, we are enjoying our 2 growing kids. Max is getting so big already and it’s no wonder with his every 2 hour eating schedule. He is starting to be awake more during the day… and the night, and when he is awake he loves to hold his head up and look around with his huge blue eyes just like Ady did. He is so sweet. He just turned 4 weeks this past Saturday, and time is just flying by. Adyson is adjusting well to her little brother; she still loves to love him, but she is learning to give home space too. Ady just statred this past week her Survival Swim course. She has private 10 minute swim lessons every morning for the next 3 weeks so she can learn to float on her back, put her face int he water and know what to do if she ever fell in a pool or pond or whatever. She did not like her first few lessons but she is starting warm up to them and her teacher. Eric continues to stay busy at work, though he says they have slowed down some, yet it seems like he goes in earlier now and struggles to get home on time. I guess he just loves to work. The weather he in Utah is starting to get more and more like summer. This weekend actually it got all the way up to almost 85 degrees and it is not even May yet. We hope to start putting more entries on our site so that we can keep track of all the wonderful memories that we are having as a family. We took a nice Sunday afternoon walk today and we passed a family of at least 6 kids and they asked us how we were doing and Eric said, “well we are trying to keep up with you guys but have a ways to go!” Yes Eric is still stuck on having 8 kids! Well we hope you all are doing well and look forward to seeing many of you soon and just keeping in touch.

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