Thursday, July 7, 2005

Adyson is Born!

Adyson Rose Kandell, Born July 7, 2005 at 7:22 am. She weighs 8lbs and 6oz and is 19.5 inches long! Oh and We LOVE HER!

Make sure to go look at her newest pictures in our gallery! If you use the slideshow function it goes through all the pictures much quicker!

Well where do I start? My admiration for Hailey just went straight through the roof. Nothing could have prepared me for such a long and intense night! I don’t want to focus on the hard and difficult part, but man oh man did Hailey work so hard!

I recieved a phone call at work on 7-6-05 around noon saying I better hurry up and get to the hospital because the Dr. wanted to induce Hailey. We were so excited! Well we both new it was going to be a long haul but hey it felt like Christmas Eve. Well by about midnight or so things were starting to get interesting. Hailey was dialated but not real far, the labor pains were getting more intense but she was doing pretty good. Sometime about then, (bear with me, I haven’t slept still and everything kinda blurred together at some point) Hailey recieved her 1st epideral. Yes I said FIRST! To make a long story short, basically Hailey delivered Adyson as close to NATURAL as you can. Her body would not take the epideral and the pains were so intense at times that I almost couldn’t bare it. Hailey worked through it though and once she was fully dialated it took about an hour or so of pushing and then the ABSOLUTE MOST WONDERFUL FEELING I can explain happened! Adyson was born and…….

Honestly how do you explain that? You have to be a parent to understand but it was something that I have never felt before, excited, relieved, scared, happy, inadequate, pride all at once. All I know is ADYSON is beautiful! She has large cheeks and her eyes are huge and so loving! She is BIG! You should see the baby fat rolls on her thighs!

Well we can’t wait to get MOMMY and Adyson home as soon as possible. Trust us, this site will now officially be the site of daily Adyson pictures so look at it often.

Thanks to all who supported us throughout these last 9 months! It has all been worth it!