Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Girlfriends

How cute are these 2 little best buddies? Cecily and Adyson are just a couple weeks apart and we are so glad the Tornows moved in a block away not long after we moved in. Ady and Cec play so well together and seem to never get sick of each other and hardly fight. Rare in the 4 year old highly emotional girl world. Anyway this week Ady and Cecily who take ballet and Jazz together have had some little dance clinics, so after last nights I told Ady since Eric and Max are cabining with my family up in Wyoming for the weekend that she could have Cecily over for a Girls Night. They were so cute, helping me make treats, and snuggling in the theatre watching "Alice in Wonderland" (the original) It was so cute.
And right now they are in the playroom after another morning of dance (Ady cant get enough Cecily play time), they have staged an entire birthday party for their dolls and are making them sushi and pancakes. I love them.

(these pics are of Cec and Ady at their last Spring soccer game, that their dads coached them in, and at their Spring Dance Concert back in April)

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