Monday, April 18, 2011

2 less teeth to brush


Adyson lost both of her 2 middle teeth last week. A huge occasion in her life, and one of those parenting milestones that makes me feel like whether I like it or not, I am getting older. Ady actually didn't even know she was about to lose a tooth, but one evening she was about 10 feet away from me in the kitchen talking and I noticed her tooth quivering in the breeze as she spoke. It was that loose. Once i showed her that it was so loose it was about to just fall right out of her gums, we noticed the one next to it wasn't far behind. With some coaxing and some tricking I pulled the first one. The sight of blood had her freaked for a minute but she soon got excited. Waited until about 2am to catch the tooth fairy before finally falling asleep.
She was thrilled with her dollar, so it didn't take as much coaxing to do the same thing the next night with tooth number 2.
If you see her out anywhere ask her about her new smile, she cannot wait to show it off to anyone who is interested.

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