Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy Chiming In

Here I am at work and found myself doing something I do not really have often, FREE TIME (albeit a few minutes) and figured I would drop some valuable words to those readers of this great blog.

The Kandell home front is doing well and this week (man I cannot believe it is Friday already) has absolutely flown by. Monday Hailey and I went to Les Miserables at Orem High and actually I really liked it. I wouldn't believe it myself had I not experienced it, but it was great. I even planned and surprised Hailey with the date!

Tues I had youth night with the church and we went to Temple square to watch a movie and each got a famous TACO CART taco afterward. Hailey had cooking class (odd she is taking cooking classes but has not made me a dinner in a long time:). Hint hint.

Wed, to be completely honest I have no recollection of what we did and may have to come back and edit in a bit. (ok I came back and edited this) Wed was my first night of Company Softball! We lost both games but had a blast. Watch out we will contend!

Thur we went and watched Ady play soccer and that was very fun and Lucy was crawling out of control all over the place.

Today is Friday and I am very excited to go see Max at his Karate class at 5.

We have a weekend packed with events from Ady Dance, UFC fight night, Friends coming over on Sunday and oh I want to clean the garage on Saturday too.

I hope Hailey and I can do an Easter post soon as we had a great time down in St George with my mom and dad (Jim and Sue) and the Lovell Fam.

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