Saturday, November 10, 2007

Freakin Birds...

I originally took these pics of the back of the new house so I can have a "before and after" once we finish the landscaping after we move in. But I put them on this post so you can visualize what I am talking about. You see that high vaulted all wood ceiling on our covered deck?? Well the other night we noticed that out there tucked up in the corner of the roof was a bird. Eric thought it was a hawk I thought it was a pigeon, we are probably both wrong but anyway we noticed one there and one the front porch up in the wood beam archway. Well them we noticed all these wood shavings on the deck and the front porch. Those dumb birds are pecking holes on the wood!!! Oh my gosh, Eric was so mad. Of course cuz we just closed on this house and within a week he have a baseball sized hole on our deck ceiling. So the next night we came with a bebe gun, Eric shot the bird and he claimed it flew off with its wing all funky, so he was pretty sure he either wounded it or at least scared it away for good. (on a more comical note his plan was to shoot it down then have his friend Bandele step on it, maybe that is not funny to you but you should have seen them both plotting inside the door of the house) Well, I went back last night and the freakin' bird was back in it's perch. And there were MORE wood shavings. So Eric immediately went over to kill it his time and it took off. Now today on Saturday he said we saw it when he went over there so he went to get the pellet gun and when he got back it was gone. So I am pretty sure we will be spending the weekend trying to stake out and kill this bird. Now for any of you animal lovers out there, don't think us cruel. I actually like animals, I never want to own any but I like them. And I don't want this bird to have to die but I for sure am not willing to give up my beautiful wood paneled roof. Ya know?.... so here is how I am going to make my peace with my part in the responsibility for this birds death. I will give it a proper burial. Just across our property line. I think that will be good enough. No animal rights hate mail please.

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