Monday, November 5, 2007

Max and Ady feed the Ducks...

So, I put my kids in the bike trailer and took them on a bike ride over to feed the ducks. Something Ady has always loved to do. We Took over some left over bread bowls from a Relief Society Lunch that I did. Anyway, I usually leave Max strapped in the bike trailer while Ady feed the ducks then we leave. But this time Max was squeakin and whining to get out, so i put him on the grass and threw bread around him and the ducks ate and came close to him. Well MAX TOTALLY LOVED IT! He was laughing and laughing when the ducks would "quack", it was so funny he would yell at them and giggle it was so cute, he was totally into it. That is until he found the leaves all around him, then he started eating those, so we left.

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