Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daylight savings is nothing but TROUBLE!

So last night Hailey and I were all excited because we got both our kids to go to sleep relatively early for a Saturday night and figured we could relax and just..... Well anyhow we had a very relaxing night and watched "blades of glory." What a funny movie. Well sometime during the movie we both realized that it was going to be daylight savings and that it was really only 10 pm, not 11 pm. OH NO, the kids are going to be up soooo early tomorrow we thought.

Fast forward to today and YES they got up early. It actually was not too early but the real problems started when Hailey realized that the kids naps were going to be all off for the day. So anyhow as I am writing this I am realizing that I am not really saying anything interesting or important so maybe this is why I dont blog as much as Hailey, HOWEVER the point is DAY LIGHT SAVING STINKS! It is friggin dark at 6 pm now, that makes no sense.

Well I too am very excited about the new house and cannot wait until we move in. I am so lucky because Hailey is spearheading the decorating and all that busy stuff. I am super super busy at work so it works out fine for me that Hailey wants to be in charge of the house stuff. Max and Ady are growing up so fast and it is so much fun to watch them together.

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