Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Celebration from dawn til dusk

On Halloween Morning, I took Adyson (while Max was napping at home with a babysitter) to Pumpkinland, (never heard of it? Neither had I, its in Orem on Geneva) We met up with our favorite neighbors, Camille, Hailey and Gavin Miner and Haley and Sammy Hardy. The kids ran the corn maze, jumped on the inflatables, played on the playground, saw animals in the petting zoo, played with pumpkins, and of course posed for pictures. This place had it all and all for only $3. It was some good times.

Then after Pumpkinland, it was nap time for my kids. I didn't get a very good nap out of Ady cuz we had to wake up earlier to go to our Ward Halloween Party, at the church. They had games and booths and treats. And everyone in our ward was all dressed up, here we are again with the Miners. Ady and Gavin just love to play together. And we are pretty sure max is crushin' on Hailey (Hailey Miner, the baby, not his mom Hailey)

Then straight from the party we met Daddy at home, ate dinner and headed off for some neighborhood trick or treating. Max just rode around int he stroller, but Ady knocked on every door and as soon as they put the treat in her bag she would pull it back out and say "open it daddy". It as a really fun night. Ady was loving all the candy, I have no idea how much she actually ate last night, I probably do not want to know. But went I went to brush her teeth she had a bit-o-honey (ew) hidden in her cheek. Seriously Ady? Anyway, all in all we had a very Happy Halloween!

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