Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congrats Keven and Lauren

So this adorable couple is my cousin Keven Burns and his now, as of today wife Lauren (Irvin) Burns . You may recognize her name since I talk about her all the time, she is my babysitter and Eric's processor. Yes, we share her. And she is fabulous. Ady loves her to death,sometimes when I ask Ady who she wants to play with she will ask to play with Lauren cuz she loves her so much. Keven is also a fabulous guy and we are so happy for them. This morning we went up to Salt Lake to their sealing at their beautiful luncheon at the Joseph Smith Building. Then tonight their lovely reception was at this awesome place in Lindon called Wadley Farms. It was awesome and they both seem so happy. Congrats guys and have fun on the Honeymoon. And girls, isn't Laurens dress beautiful? She looked gorgeous! And of course she they used my fav photographer Kelly at Gallery Photography and no I don't get paid to market for him, we just love him!

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