Friday, November 2, 2007

Big News!

No, I have not taken a job as a janitor, these are the many keys to our NEW HOUSE! Yes, we just closed on a new house yesterday. We are super excited to be moving, to North American Fork. It's actually a interesting location, it is like on the border of Highland, Lehi and American Fork, but we are excited cuz we are 2 minutes from EVERYTHING, including the freeway.

I took Ady and Max over today to pick up the keys to our new house. And I was trying to get a good picture of the house to post, but it was difficult with the sun, anyway Ady said "take Ady's picture too" so I told her to go stand on the front porch and say cheese and she says "cheese mommy" then she looked at the house and says "say cheese house!" Classic Ady.

So here is the best shot I could get of the house, its not the best angle but with the sun over in the west a good angle was tough, plus the picture makes the house look really dark but oh well you can kind of make out what it looks like. And yes, we know we have a lot of landscaping work to do in the summer, thats one bad thing about a brand new house that has never been lived in, we have to do the yard, once it starts warming up next Spring. But we are really excited our goal is to move in, in January. Until then we are have some serious furniture shopping and decorating to do.

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