Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Love My High School Girlfriends!!

(from left to right) Kristin Defa, Katie (Dickamore) Flanders, Melissa (Shanley) Cook, Lindsey (Cooksey) Lunt, Callie (Salmon) Anderson, Andrea (Hyde) Mason, Hailey (me), Nicole (Night) Knight

Last night I went to the Gateway to dinner with all my high school girlfriends, except Chelsey and Lisa didn't make it! But we understand!! I love when we get together it's therapeutic to just chat about girl stuff and go to dinner with no kids, or husband (I love you Eric!) and laugh and have fun! It was good food and great company, I wish we did it more often. Afterwards we went to Anthropologie, and everyone hated this sweater I liked, so on principal, I am going to wear it to dinner next time we all go out. I love you girlies!!

here is the Anthro sweater only I thought was cute...... I think its the pop of the yellow with the stiching I like...hmmmm.... I don't know but it seems ......something........that i like.....I think.

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