Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby (Part 1)

So, last night Eric and I went out for his birthday, which isnt really until this next Thursday the 20th. He will be 32! Dang, my man is getting OLD! Anyway, we went up to Sundance and started out at the spa we both had a 90 minute hot stone massage. Then we went to dinner at the always delicious Tree Room. We did all the courses so we could drag out the beautiful dinner as long as possible. It was so good. It was sucha nice night together, Eric and I are pretty good at going on dates we just are usually going out with other couples so it was nice to just have the 2 of us last night. I love you Eric. (Part 2 and 3 of the Birthday Festivities to come over the next week)

This is Eric getting a foot bath before his massage, he already looks so relaxed.

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