Monday, December 31, 2007

Cabo was a no-go.

So I should have arrived home today after 5 days with my hubby, kids and in laws in sunny Cabo San Lucas, but that is simply not how things went down. Christmas Day I spent in a lot of pain because and abcess in my mouth got infected. The infection even got so bad it made the tooth which hapened to be a veneer weak and it fell out. (PS it was my very front right tooth and yes I have pictures) so after more pain and a night of throwing up and fever and chills we decided to cancel Cabo so i could stay home and get the dental and medical treatment I needed. Eric and I spent Thursday and Friday morning at the dentist, me squirming in the chair and Eric watching my pain. Now after a screw in my gums, a lot of drilling and digging, about 10 shots and some gum shaving and ect, I have a temporary fix to my pain and problem, but no tan from being in Mexico. It was a bummer to have to stay home for a dumb tooth but after it got worse over the week and my whole mouth and face started swelling it was clear we made the right call. Eric howveer did not tell his employees we stayed home from Mexico so they wouldnt bug him and he still stayed home with us. I hav4e 2 more dentist appointments until everything will be finsihed and back to normal, I think he is afraid I am a flight risk since he hurt me so had so he perscribed me a sedative to take for the next appointment, I cant wait until my mouth looks and feels normal again. We hope all our friends and family had a Merry Christmas and a great 2007. We will psot our pics from Christmas morning soon. Love you all!
The Kandells

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