Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cookie Cutters

So, Today we took Adyson to Draper to get her hair cut, if you have seen her or pics of her recently you would know she NEEDED a cut, her bangs were startting to cover up her big "blue bugs" (thats what we call Ady's eyes) so we went to our favorite kids haircut spot Cookie Cutters, this place totally has kids hair cutting down, first they get to pick out a movie, and they have everything Elmo, Dora, Disney, everything. Ady picked Little Einsteins. Then they sit in a little toy car and get their hair cut and styled, then they get a ballon and sucker once they are done. Oh and the waiting room? Its a playground complete with slide and all. It really is a sweet spot, worth the 30 minute drive for us. (but only 15 mins once we live in AF...yay!) Adyson's hair looks awesome and Max dosent quite need a cut yet but he loved playing the the balloon Adyson got.

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