Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby...Part 2 (the weak part)

ok so on Thursday Eric's actual 32nd birthday, we had a party planned for him with all his family in Park City, his cousins were in town and his mom was even in to suprise him for the night. So we headed up the canyon at 5 pm, by the time we got to Heber a strom was REALLY rollin in, but we were in the Escalade so we pressed on, HUGE MISTAKE, about 5 miles out of Heber, it was complete white out conditions, I was driving and I couldnt see anything, not even the sides of the road, we were barely moving and I still couldnt see anything, honestly I was pretirfied. I may have even cried a little. It was so scary to drive in. Cars all around us were going off the road and getting stuck and ect. so we decided at the first Park City exit to turn around. The kids would never make it. So Eric's birthday dinner was at Don Pedros, a Mexican dive in Heber, then we drove home, we were basically in the car from 5-9 pm in traffic or storm. I felt really bad it all happened on Eric's birthday. Lucky for us he is such a good sport, he said he would for sure "never forget this birthday". That's why we love him!

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