Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My sexy toothless wife!

I had an awesome pictue of a toothless hill billy here but Hailey made me pull it down!

So Hailey really was toothless almost all of Christmas break! It is true, we did not go to Mexico and this is now the second trip in a row we had to cancel. I cancelled the last one due to my work being way overloaded. She cancelled this one in fear that a taco bean would get wedged in her grill, so we are now even.

Christmas was a lot of fun staying around the house all day. I actually really am jealous of stay at home parents because I had tons of time to play with Ady and Max. Our house in American Fork is coming along great. For those that have not seen it yet, I was really scared initially that Hailey was going with a vibe that I would not like at all. However, now that it is all coming along, I am pumped to get over there and start living full time in that house! Happy new year. Sorry it has been a while since i wrote.

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