Thursday, January 3, 2008

A little Concerned...

Ever since Eric has mentioned on a couple of occassions that he was getting a little nervous about the decor of the house. I will show you his main concerns. I wallpapered 2 rooms. "What? wallpaper?" Some of you may say but it's back and it's beautiful just watch HGTV. And the 2 rooms I wallpapered are proabably my 2 favorite in the house. This red pattern (above) we put in my in laundry room cuz I have red cabinent in there, same color at the little dresser you see in the picture.

Then this wall paper we put in my guest bedroom, then we did like cute antique white iron bed with crystal knobs and white pleated puffy bedding, and I loved the way it turned out. So those were the only main things that worried Eric when I first starting buying for the house.

I also believe he voiced his concern over these "feminine" knobs I put in the laundry and this rug under our kitchen table. But oh well like he said he is really starting to like it now, we will be moving in, in about 2 weeks so I will start posting some "Before" and "Afters" as some of the rooms get completed.

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