Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, that's just great...

I was being completely sarcastic in the title of my email. It's a little ironic that today when the last peice of furniture I have been waiting on to make the house "complete" arrives, that something goes wrong. This huge hole you see is now in the ceiling of our theatre. This morning a large bubble of water was discovered in our ceiling, apparently there is an unsealed corner of our garage that the theatre is below that has been collecting snow melt from our cars and slowing leaking into the ceiling of Eric's favorite room in the house. So flood and emergency water damage techs were dispatched to our house to start the fixing. Unfortunately, it is Superbowl Sunday this weekend and the theatre will be out of commission until sometime next week. Bummer, plus this means we will still being having random contractors in and out of the house for a few more days. Yuck.

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