Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adyson's Date Night

On Saturday this past weekend, Eric and I were gone from 8:30 in the morning (before our kids got up) to 1 pm, to go look at houses. We left the kids with Lauren, our babysitter. Then when we got home at 1, it was time for them to go down for their afternoon naps. And Eric and I had actually planned for a couple of weeks to go on a date that night and had my cousin coming over to babysit. But we felt bad about that since we hadn't played with the kids all day. So we took Ady out on our date night with us and my cousin Aimee and her husband Porter took care of Max and put him to bed. We took Ady out to dinner at Mikado up by Cottonwood Canyon. it's one of our favorite Utah sushi restaurants, we sat at the sushi bar and Adyson ate sushi with us, she even insisted on trying some of Eric's toro (which is a piece of raw fatty tuna, the best you can get, layed over rice). She didnt even spit it out, I think she liked it. She ate some of all of our rolls and of course ate most of the ginger and dipped her chopsticks in soy sauce then sucked on them. She is so awesome, I think people thought it was a little weird to see a 2 year old sitting up to the sushi bar but no one seemed to mind since she was perfectly well behaved. Then we drove down to American Fork and went to Applebee's to get dessert. We had a ton of fun bringing Adyson on our date night with us and think we will do it more often.

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